The Polar Express

and pajama day!

School Wide Pajama Day

Yippee! It's our favorite day of the year. PAJAMA DAY!!! On Wednesday, December 9th bring your child to school dressed in their coziest pj's. We will have a fun filled, cozy kind of day! We have special activities planned and we'll be serving up a yummy snack with hot chocolate!

Polar Express Story Time with the Conductor

Wednesday, Dec. 9th, 10am-12pm

602 McIntosh Rd

Sarasota, FL

Polar Express Story Time - Bumblebee & Dragonfly students

The Conductor from The Polar Express will be here on Wednesday, December 9th to share his story with our friends in the Bumblebee and Dragonfly Cottages. Each child will also receive a special bell.

If you would like to incorporate a little Polar Express fun at home as well, be sure to check out the link below. The Polar Express website has lots of activities, games, and recipes for you and your children to enjoy! We highly encourage families to read the story or watch the movie with your child before our special visit from the conductor. Your child's experience will be even more magical! Repeated interactions with the story will allow for an even deeper understanding and appreciation for our special day.

Polar Train, Polar Train

Polar Train, Polar Train
by Lanise Jacoby
adapted from Marci McGowan's
A Winter Train Ride

Based upon The Polar Express and inspired by Brown Bear, Brown Bear

Polar Train, Polar Train
What do you see?
I see happy children
Riding with me.

Polar Train, Polar Train
Where will we go?
We'll go to a place
All covered with snow!

Polar Train, Polar Train
What can we do?
You can munch on nougats
Brought especially for you!

Polar Train, Polar Train
Will we be there soon?
Peek through the window.
What’s that under the moon?

Polar Train, Polar Train,
What is out there?
An ocean of elves,
Just filling the square!.

Polar Train, Polar Train
What shall I bring?
True belief in your heart,
So a bell may ring.

May the magic of the holidays
fill the hearts of you and yours,
now and always!

Tom Hanks - Title song of The Polar Express