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October 14th, 2019

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Another SSC Nomination!

Our Final SSC Vacancy Has a Nominee, Mike G!

Please click here or the image to your right to vote for our interested nominee!


SSC Meeting Agenda

Date: Wednesday, 10.16.19

Time: 3:20 - 4:20

Location: Prisk Library


Pumpkin Palooza is Almost Here!!!

But, first... HELP! We need some more volunteers!

Help! The PTA's Pumpkin Palooza team is looking for additional volunteers. We need help with the following:

> Ticket Sales from 5:30 - 6:30 and 6:30 - 7:30. (PTA Board Members &/or Teachers Needed)

> Volunteer Check-In: This is an important location to keep the event running smoothly. We need help at all shifts from 3:30 - 7:30. We have two people signed up at 4:30 and one at 5:30, but the rest are unfilled! Yikes!

> SUCSESS Hot Dog Booth - We currently have student volunteers, but there are two shifts for adults (5:15 - 6:45 and 6:45 - 8:00) since we will be handling money. Both are empty. Yikes!

These positions are critical to the success of the event, so please consider volunteering for one of these There are other spots available, but these are the most crucial!

You can volunteer on and click on the volunteer link below. You do NOT need to register for an account at all...

Volunteer Link:

We hope to See you on Saturday at 4PM!

And here are the details for this fabulous family event!


Then, join us on Sunday for the fall "Team up to Clean up" event!

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And Now....All things Rocket Run....

Our largest Prisk fundraiser led by our Foundation and PTA has begun! Donations will fund our STEAM aides, STEAM program, academic enrichment programs and family engagement events. Fundraising packets went home Friday. Envelopes are available with teachers upon request or in the office hallway cubbies for those who wish to fundraise with cash or one check made out to PRISK PTA. See the yellow fundraising flyer for details.

Watch our promo video for more info or on the Prisk Homepage.

The trophy and Kid in the Hall will be delivered beginning this MONDAY for the class and grade level with the highest percent earned toward their goal! Teamwork makes the dream work, so please help your class by getting started today!


Using this link takes you to our page and inserts the school identifier for you. The school identifier is 5d8cc225ec534.

Once registered, you can share your child's page via email or social media and watch those donations roll in!


This year our Rocket Run will be on November 1st. Yes, that is the day after Halloween! In the name of team spirit, each team has been assigned a color. Please see the attached chart for your class color, so that you can prepare for the fun!

Rocket Run Schedule – November 1, 2019

9:10- 10:00 4th Grade

10:00 -10:50 5th Grade

11:00 -11:50 2nd Grade

11:50 -12:20 Volunteer Lunch

12:20 - 1:00 Kinder

1:10 - 2:00 First Grade

2:15 - 3:05 3rd Grade

Want to Volunteer at Rocket Run?

Click here or the image below to sign up!

Rocket Run Flyers!



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PTA Membership Leaderboard Updates Will Be Coming Soon...


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Flyers for This Week...


Flyers from Previous Weeks, but still relevant!


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New Posts & Photos from the Last Two Weeks Include:

Oct 7th (Sorry I didn't upload these yet...)

  • Teaching Garden Clean-Up Event Before and After!
  • In the Science Lab: 1st Graders Find Out if Sound Can Make Things Move!
  • Ignition Slip Winners Pick Prizes from the Treasure Chest

Oct 14th

  • Small Group Instruction (SGI) in Rms 11 and 25
  • Holiday Market with Rm 2

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