LeaCoMM Dissemination Report

January - February - March 2015

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1st PEUF Meeting in Paralia - Greece

Friday, Jan. 16th, 1:30pm

Katerini, Pieria, Greece

Katerini, Makedonia Thraki

Evaluation - Conclusions

During the piloting phase of the LeaCoMM project the teachers had the opportunity to evaluate the content of the platform and its technical aspects. In summary, through the good practices of the platform which was evaluated from the school of Paralia - Greece, the teachers found ways of teaching approaches and methods for their upgrading and training. They Identified similarities and differences in the cultural heritage of peoples and they recognized the strength of their value through the passage of time.

The visualization environments facilitated the teachers to travel in virtual worlds beyond everyday experience and action. They helped to enrich their experience and approach concepts through a variety of representations and interactions. They helped to build knowledge through research processes and working with their students.

Dissemination activities

Saturday, Feb. 14th, 11am

Thessaloniki, Greece (19th primary school of Toumba)

The LeaCoMM project became known during the educartional seminar activities of the Teachers4Europe european project. Sofia Argyropoulou, Ambassador (A4E) took the chance to inform the participant teachers about the LeaCoMM project and its aims.

National conference: Good practices and innovation in education. 14- 15 March 2015.

Saturday, March 14th, 4pm

Athens, Filothei-Psychiko, Kentrikos Tomeas Athinon, Greece

Athens, Attica

INTERCULTURAL AND EDUCATIONAL COMPETENCE OF TEACHERS THROUGH LEARNING COMMUNITIES: LeaCoMM Learning Community Migration and Minorities: Platform for Teachers and Teacher Educators
The program

The official program of the Conference ( page 7)

Dissemination meeting in Thessaloniki

Monday, March 16th, 11am

10 Stratigou Napoleontos Zerva

Makedonia Thraki

During an organized meeting in Thessaloniki, Sofia Argyropoulou, project manager of Desmos NGO presented the LeaCoMM project to her partners and colleagues. She informed them about its aims and she showed a detailled presentation of the platform. The participants ( teachers and collaborators) got flyers and folders with the necessary information about the project. Some of them showed inerest to participate in the piloting phase of the platform and evaluate its content.