by Oscar Ortiz


MAYDAY, MAYDAY!! This is one world, the only one we have and look how beautiful it is. Well what's left of it. Nature is a very beautiful thing, it created us, entertains us but can also destroy us. Its has many mysteries, so many creatures yet to be discovered and so many more that have been around since the beginning of time. Yet they survive off of the Earth, like us, like everything on this big beautiful green mother. It astonishes me that it keeps on going after all the time it's been created. She has to be saved.
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Look at this wonderful site, it was taken in the Amazon. The Amazon rain forest is located in South America where it has stood since the beginning of Earth. It is vibrant with life and mysteries as well as beauty. It seems like everyday the amazon is giving birth to a new species because everyday we are finding newer and rare animals or lifeforms of all kind.
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As well as the world is gorgeous it is also in trouble. As of now there has been a lot of cutting down trees and using them for paper, mining and burning the coal for electricity, emissions being released in the atmosphere and leaving o-zones. There has been days in history where the air we breath is poisonous to ourselves. All of it is destroying Earth, are home. There needs to be actions taken in order to keep our Earth beautiful, if we don't we'll be the next extinct species along with the other creatures in this planet.
Dear Future Generations: Sorry
To betray nature is to betray us, to save nature is to save us because whatever you're fighting for: racism or poverty, feminism, gay rights or any type of equality. it wont matter in the least because if we don't all work together to save the environment we will all equally be extinct. Sorry. - Prince Ea
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Before America became what it is today the Native Americans where proud of their land, took care of it and respect it. They treated everything arounf them like a god and used every single they took from the land. If they were to hunt deer they would use everything from it. From the meat off its back down to the bones and ligaments. Lets go back to this a bit, only to save the world and minimize pollution because if we continue down this path there won't be an Earth. Save some trees and keep this world beautiful.