By: Vaneeza

Distance From The Sun

Uranus is 2.88 billion km from the Sun. It is the 7th planet from the Sun.
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Uranus is very cold. The temperature at the top of the clouds is usually about -214 degrees.

When was it discovered?

Uranus was discovered by William Herschel on March 13,1781. It was the first planet discovered by a telescope. It was mistaken as a star or comet.

Physical Characteristics

The color of Uranus is a blue-green color. The diameter of the planet is 51,118. It is the 3rd largest planet in the solar system. Uranus is on a tilt. It is smooth and featureless.
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Uranus has at least 21 moons. There are 5 large moons and many small ones. The first two moons were also discovered by Herschel. Two of the moons are Titania and Oberon. The closest large moon is Miranda.


The atmosphere is 83 % hydrogen 15% helium and 2% methane. It has an atmosphere of gas. Also it has strong gravity.

Life Form

Each season on Uranus lasts for about 21 years. There is energy from lightning and ultraviolet light. Scientists believe that the atmosphere and energy etc are how life began but now Earth has changed and living conditions on Uranus are not good for us.
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