Preppy Charms LEADING THE WAY!

December 2015 Recognition

New Year, New Possibilities!

I hope you've all had time to rest and relax with your families and friends this past month. I'm so excited about ALL the possibilities of the New Year!! The New Collection is arriving, AMAZING, we have a sponsoring special, AND hostess bonus days! WOW! So much possibility, what are you going to do with 2016? I can't wait to cheer you on!
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Stephanie Hillis

Nathenia Zich

Jodi Maybanks

Lori Meinhart

Traci Hassinger

Emily Eyler

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Senior Stylist:

Lori Musick

Janelle Scudder

Associate Stylist:

Brittany Callahan

Lauren Tulchinsky

Maureen Armentrout

Ashley Hull

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All of the ladies above plus...

Ashley Hull

Michelle Workman

Katie Cieski

Amber Anstine

Katie Mayo

Lauren Compton

Janelle Scudder

Amber Werderitch

Jessica Pierce

Samantha Youngblood

Amanda Ladage

Erin Pinaire

Maureen Armentrout

Valerie Graham

Christina Tibbs

Lauren Tulchinsky

Lori Musick

Brittany Guzman

Jenna Clay

Amy McConville

Autumn Kirk

Angela Gordon

Melissa Wright

Anna Blessing

Ashley Reckmeyer

Brittany Callahan

Lindsay Newman

Mary Hudgens

Angela Vitkus

Ashley Fairfull

Ashley Ryan

Ciara Haenke

Chelsea Molleck

Alaina Sforza

Jena Arthur

Alyssa Lancaster

Jill Hoerr

Samantha Stover

Kaitlin Hayner

leslie isonhart

Aparna Baman

Lindsay Marquiss

Candace Rivet

Liesel Lancaster

Elizabeth Monroe

Tara Bohm

Ashley Drissi

Chelsea Johnson

Megan Barone

Megan Vander Vennet

Paige Clayton

Morgan Combs

Kristen Hotz

Rachel Huskins

Wendy Keatts

Beth Ratts

Kimberly Mavroides

Chelsea Brown

Lauren Gallagher

Michelle Burgess

Susan Kim

Cindy Escobedo

Heather Stoehr

Missy Kall

Melissa Popadiuk

Malissa Mountz

Holly Parinello

Emily Eyler

Catherine Henze

Rachel Moore

Patty Brewer

Jamie Rawson

Elise Bour

Megan Kesler

Lauren Brehaut