Andrew Jackson: The Hero

He who represents the common man of America.

Native Indians off OUR land!

He whom knows best, introduced the Indian removal policy that proved to be a formidable decision of his presidency. The Cherokee Indians have migrated to western lands, off of our pure American soil. New areas have been introduced west of Georgia for the white man of America.

Death of National Bank

To Jackson, the national bank favored the wealthy and oppressed the will of the common man. The question of whether the national bank was constitutional or not lingered for a few years, and eventually split the presidential cabinet. The bank also had connections with Congress, but that didn't stop our willing president. With the the American people by his side, our president crushed the bank with a striking blow in 1833. Jackson withdrew all federal funds from the national bank and deposited them into various state banks across the nation.

War Record

During the War of 1812, Jackson was appointed a Major General and sent to New Orleans to prepare the city's defenses against an incoming British attack. His army of Tennessee and Kentucky volunteers defeated an invading British force of 7500 men and forced the British to withdraw from the region. The political future of Jackson was secured by this victory.

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Andrew Jackson: Battle of New Orleans

Collapse of the National Bank

This cartoon depicts Jackson standing upright, holding a document which stands for the removal of all federal money from the national bank. The tyrannical bank leaders and supporters run off, fleeing from the destruction. The American people are pictured behind Jackson, laughing in joy.