Grade 5 Newsletter

SJI International Elementary School

Week 10: Monday 16th - Friday 20th March

Dates for the Diary

Production performances: Monday 23rd and Wednesday 25th 7pm

The Time Tunnel Exit point: Tuesday 14th April

Roots, Shoots and Fruits Entry Point: Wednesday 15th April

Science trip: Thursday 23rd April

ICT Open Lessons:

DNi: Monday 4th May @ 9:20-10:20

CDo: Monday 4th May @ 2:00-3:00

ABa: Wednesday 6th May @ 9:20-10:20

Next week's Virtue of the Week is

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Language Arts

This week the children have been consolidating their learning of writing 'detailed descriptions'. They have once again adapted a scene from historical fiction, adding their ideas of how the characters would behave, what they would say and how they would feel. They have concentrated on their sentences structures and vocabulary choices to really make the scene come alive.

As part of the writing process, the children have also been developing their editing skills. They have been supporting one another in class to read each other's draft and comment on what they like and what could be improved. This also gives the children a chance to 'magpie' ideas from each other to try in their own writing.

Towards the end of the week the children focused on story openings. We examined a range of story openings and discussed together what makes them effective. The children have now started to write their own openings for their final piece in this unit; an historical short story. This will be continued next week.


Maths Week has come to an end. Children were busy casting their votes all around the school. One of the Grade 5 children was the lucky draw winner! He is … Jack from 5CDo. He voted for Asia for the continent that most SJII children are from. Children from all classes put in effort for the graph competition. Lots of creativity can be seen from the children’s graphs. There were a mixed of 2D and 3D graphs. The winner of this competition is Iman from 5ABa!

The percentage topic is going to come to an end and children will be starting Average as their next topic. Therefore, children are encouraged to work on long division as Average requires children to work on division quite a bit.


This week's learning has centered around the history of Singapore, following on from our trip last week.

In class we have been examining the events from the past which have had an impact on what Singapore is like today. The children are working in groups to produce a poster which displays their research and compares and contrasts what Singapore is like now compared to 200 years ago.

The children have been asking key questions into who and what made the biggest impact on the development of our host country. They have been examining information about Raffles and his contemporaries as well as the impact of the Japanese Occupation and the decision to become independent.

Next week we look at the people living in Singapore, how they came to be here and what influence they have had on the city. When finished, the posters will be presented in class and we will have opportunities to discuss and reflect on our learning.

The children are really enjoying this task and it is great to see the enthusiasm and excellence being displayed in class. Next week we hope to share with you a few photos of the finished products.

Production Information

You should now have your tickets for your chosen viewing, please note the whole cast will be required to attend both performances.

Monday 23rd and Wednesday 25th March 7pm - Elementary School Hall

Children will be given their arrival times next week for hair and make up. Please ensure your child is there promptly.

Remember to keep your tickets in a safe place as you will need these to gain entrance on the night.

Homework for Week 11


Research project on an chosen historical event. Full details in IPC Homelearning books. Final Submission Date: Tuesday 14 April

Language Arts

Writer's Notebook: Children to write a chapter based on a photo stimulus using all the techniques learnt over the past few weeks. Submission date - Monday 13 April


Children will have a task set by their Maths teachers.

Monday's submission date - No homework

Wednesday's submission date - Friday 27th March

HEART Program Introduction Eveningy

Next term the Grade 5 children will begin their HEART Program education. The Grade 5 children will have 3 workshops: Who am I? Things are Changing and Learning to Love Myself (self esteem).

To help parents further understand this important part of the UES Curriculum, there will be one workshop for parents to introduce the program and give them some tips on puberty/sexual education. The workshop will take place in the ES Hall on April 14, at 7:30pm.

If you have any questions about this program and workshop please do not hesitate to contact me via my email

Kind regards,

Neil Corrigan

Head of the UES