Bullets to Ballots Simulation

Welcome to Guatemala

The Revolution. Who was involved? Who Had Power?

There are five groups involved in this simulation, there are the Army & Wealthy, USA, Peasants, Guatemalan Government, Guerillas, and Cuba. Power was with the US, because they are the most wealthy and powerful nation in the world, the Army and Wealthy who had all the power in Guatemala, and the Guerillas because they had help from Cuba. This can relate to my life because my sister and I, right now i think i have the power because I am stronger than her, but power shift by injury or even pure laziness on my part.

Did these groups stay in power? Did the power shift?

The power shifted because of treaties that were made and broken. For example the Guerillas became powerful after the guerillas got help from Cuba, they became more powerful when they combined with the Guatemalan Government. Also the Army and Wealthy became more powerful and when they made a peace treaty with the US. An example of this was when my brother and got into an arguement and my mom or dad took a side, the power shifted because we had a backing of someone else just like the two opposing sides in our game.

Was there cooperation or conflict between groups?

There was cooperation between the Guatemalan Government. Also there was cooperation between the US and the Army and Wealthy. This made conflict between these two groups, especially because the GGG (Guerillan Guatemala Government) accepted weapons from Cuba, who is an enemy of the US. Therefore when the GGG took over the US came in and handed us all the power because we were loyal to them. A modern day example of this is when my friends and I are deciding what to do, sometimes we cooperate with each other and sometimes we fight or have conflict over what to do.

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What was the US effect on the game?

The US was mad with the Guerillas because they accepted military strength from Cuba. So, they went to the Guerillas enemy (Army and Wealthy) and helped them out. Then the Guerillas tried to run a communist government in Guatemala and the US never supported communists, so they over took Guatemala and ran a decromatic government where only the Army and Wealthy could run. This relates to my life because a parent or elder is like the US and really decides the outcome, especially between their children.

What happens when the power does shift?

When power shifts, the country goes to war and people get power corrupt. This usually starts war and a complete revolution in the country and the two opposing forces do what they can to win, but the real winner is who has help from the US, well most of the time. This has happened when my brother punches me the power shifts to him then he establishes power he takes over, just like what happpened in our game with the GGG.