Neptune For Sale!

Asking Price: $125 septillion

Take advantage of this one-time offer!

Some of Neptune's many advantages include:

1.) The farthest planet from the sun- Lots of privacy and serenity!

2.) Its captivating color and rings are unique, unlike any other planet!

3.) Average temp. is -214 degrees Celsius- great for people who love winter!

4.) It takes 165 years to orbit the sun- perfect if you want to be younger

5.) Fastest winds in the solar system, up to 2000 kph- parasailing will be a breeze!

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On sale now for the non-negotiable price of $125 septillion

Unique Facts:

  • Gets its name from the Roman god of the sea (its Greek counterpart is Poseidon)
  • Is both the coldest planet and has the fastest winds in the solar system
  • First planet to be located by mathematical predictions

Neptune is a unique, one-of-a-kind planet that would make a great investment!