Construction Management

If you want a exciting carrer try construction management

About construction management

How would you want to be apart of a project that every will get to see. With a construction management you will coordinate, budget and supervise the job as it developments.

A day as a construction manager

As a construction manager you will be faced with all kinds of tasks. The great part is you will have know to days that are the same. You will have to plane and supervise the entire job and make sure it gets done on time and on budget.

Work Enviroment

When you are a construction manger you will have to offices you will spend the morning in the office making phone calls and writing up planes and you will spend the after noon on the job site resolving any problems that come up.

How to get in.

To become a construction manger business want construction experience and a bachelors degree. You also have to have internship hours to go along with it.


The pay for a construction manager is pretty steady. You will normally start at about 70-80 thousand a year. But you will get promotions regular as you progress in the job.

Job outlook

The job outlook for construction management is very promising. It is up on the national average by 10 percent and it continues to grow. The predict the market by year 2020 will be the strongest year for construction management