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Hi Kindergarteners and Families! I am so excited to have started the year with your kiddos! I'll be sending out weekly updates at the end of each week letting you know what we've been up to in the classroom. If you have any questions about the upcoming school year, email me at!

Tuesday- Happy First Day of Kindergarten!

Tuesday was our first day of school. Our theme was focused around the book Pete the Cat Goes to School. In the book, Pete goes all around the school experiencing all the new parts of a school. Did he worry? Goodness no! He just went along singing his song! ;) Just like Pete, we learned how to function in our new school too. We learned how to pack and unpack, walk in the hallway, eat in the lunchroom, sit at kindergarten tables, etc. We also went on a scavenger hunt around the classroom to make sure we know where everything is! Afterwards, we made some pretty great Pete the Cats! Kids- awesome day!
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Wednesday's theme was No David. If you have ever read any of the No David stories, you know that David is not exactly a well-behaved student. We spent a lot of time today talking about what good school behaviors are. We made class rules: be kind, do your best, follow directions, raise your hand, and be respectful. We also talked about what a good student is and recorded student answers. Mrs. Rodriguez and I showed them how to make a David craft on their own and they did BEAUTIFULLY (they're already proving to be such independent kindergarteners!). Before the day ended, we talked some school problems and the students helped us come up with some solutions. Even better second day!


It was my birthday today and boy oh boy the kids sure did make me happy :) Our day started with MY mom coming in to read a birthday book to the class (thanks mom!). Our book theme today was around the book, Chrysanthemum, about a girl who had an unusually long name and was bullied for it. We touched on why it's not okay to be a bully. We said how all of our names are "absolutely perfect" and completed a name craft together. We also made a math chart showing lengths of our names. What a super day!


Today's theme was about being a good friend. We used the mentor text, Rainbow Fish to talk about how to be a good friend. We made an anchor chart with ways kindergarteners can be a good friend. We also make our own big Rainbow Fish hang in the hallway reminding us of things a good friend does! In the afternoon, we made our own rainbow fish to hang from the ceiling. Each friend has one scale reminding us that it's good to share and that's one way to make friends.
September 16th- Fill That Truck

September 17th- Picture Day

September 18th- PTO Back to School Carnival

September 25th- Pirate Day

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