Scholarships & Financial Aid

Check out this page for updates on scholarships and financial aid. Students will be emailed when a new scholarship is posted.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Helias Counseling Office.


This scholarship sheet is updated frequently with new scholarships. Seniors will also be notified by email when new scholarships are posted.

Scholarship Searches


Colleges will use your academic/personal data in addition to YOUR FAFSA to determine if you are eligible for different types of aid:

-Scholarships (Money you don't have to pay back, can be based on merit/data such as grades, test scores, first generation student, etc.) Most renewable scholarships have requirements that could be based on enrollment status and/or grades.

-Grants (Money you don't have to pay back, and is based on demonstrated financial need)

-Loans (Money you DO have to pay back-can be taken out by parents and/or students)

-Work Study (you are employed on campus, get paid and are responsible to make sure that this money helps pay your bills)

The video below gives a great over view of this process:

Overview of the Financial Aid Process
Big picture