Here's To A New Year!

Fresh Starts....

You've put away all your holiday decorations, decided you are going to start working out more, stocked your fridge with healthy foods, and have made your new years resolution.

Now...time to think about your Beautycounter business. It's a new can be a fresh start. So...what do you plan on doing?

You could say..."Well, I gave it a shot but it just didn't work." But....really is that want you want to do? Or are you giving yourself an easy way out? Is this what you would tell your children to do?

How about..."Well, I gave it a shot...some things worked..some things didn't....but I am going to plow ahead and MAKE IT HAPPEN."

Things ebb and flow in a business like this...and it is largely due to your activity and involvement in your business.


Let's start off the year right! Set goals. Make them happen. Hold yourself accountable.

I am currently flying to Palm Springs for a Founder Member meeting for Beautycounter. In preparation for our trip, we were asked to write a letter to ourselves to be opened on December 31 2015. This letter was to be focused on our business.

Here is part of my letter:

"Here is what you did this year:

  1. You made time for work! You didn’t let days go on without taking the time to WORK!
  2. You were consistent in team communication.
  3. You were available to your team.
  4. You were motivating.
  5. You did a great job of getting to know your consultants – just what makes them each tick. What they want out of their businesses, etc.
  6. You had great customer service with each client.
  7. You sent handwritten thank you notes for purchases.
  8. You checked in with clients – are they happy, would they like more?
  9. You spread the word! You talked about your business – not in a pushy way, but you were not afraid to talk about it.
  10. You were confident."

So....there it is...that is what I WILL do this year. What are YOU going to do? I encourage you to really think about where you want your business to go...if you want it to grow, I am here for you! I WANT to talk with you about it. We can set up weekly calls or meet-ups. I don't know everything (that is for sure) but I can help generate ideas, motivate you, and hold you accountable. This job can often be a bit "lonely" - let's work together.

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Here are 3 things you can do TODAY:

1. Revisit your "Who Do You Know" list. Have you reached out to all the people on this list?

2. Meet anyone new over the holidays or reconnect with an old friend/relative? Send a quick note..."hey, so great to see you (etc)...and I would love to tell you a little more about Beautycounter."

3. Think of women that may like a "fresh start" or "something new" - reach out and tell them about the business opportunity. Now may be the perfect time.

In Celebration of our Hand Cream.....

It's all about the number 3! Remember the incentive from last month?

From December 3rd to December 13th....if you..

Added $300PV and you got one entry.
Added $600PV and you got two entries.
Add one new consultant and you will get two entries.

What can you WIN?
I will be giving away 3 sets of hand cream. Each set consists of 5 tubes of Hand Cream ($65 value). You can keep them for yourself, use them as samples, give them away...whatever!





As SOON as the hand cream is back in will receive your set! Congrats!