The Manhattan Project

Teeia Miller

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The Realization:

  • Albert Einstein was captured under Nazi persecution but fled back to America

  • Enrico Fermi escaped Italy and met up with Einstein

  • They agreed the president must know about Germany’s plans to make the Atomic Bomb!

Enrico Fermi

  • Escaped fascist Italy

  • Encouraged the U.S to research atomic bombs and named it The Manhattan Project.

“The Manhattan Project”

  • The Manhattan Project was originally called just the atomic bomb.

  • We thought it needed a code name so the Germans didn’t know.

  • $2 Billion were put into research and development for the atomic bomb!

The Science Behind The Manhattan Project

  • 1939- Learned how to split Uranium Atoms

  • Multiple scientists were trusted with building it

  • Most powerful bomb of the time

Nobody Knew!

  • Churchill and Roosevelt decided Stalin shouldn’t know

  • Only a few scientists knew

  • Keeping 120,000 quiet would be near impossible

  • President Truman didn’t even know when he was a vice-president. He learned about the Manhattan Project when he was elected president.
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The First Test

  • Trinity Site, located near Alamogordo, New Mexico

  • July 16th, 1945

  • The flash was blinding, and visible for 200 miles

  • Homes 100 miles away were being affected

  • Mushroom Cloud reached 40, 000
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