New River Basin

Learn about the New River Basin

New River Basin Facts:

It begins as two streams on the west side of the Blue Ridge Mountain.

Total of 918 streams and rivers. 70,436 live in the New River Basin. 1998: President Clinton visited the New River Basin and named the new river an American Heritage River. A normal tradition is stewardship in the New River Basin. In the 1970's residents came together to stop dams on the New in N.C. and V.A.The blue ridge mountains have the highest elevations and the most rugged topograph in the Appalachian mountains. One of the rarest plant species, Spirea, was in the New River Basin in Virginia. Many rare plants are also found in numerous wetlands. Some include Bog Rose and Fen Orchid. Rivers and Streams here contain wide diversity of aquatic organisms. A lot of land disturbance occurs on the steep mountain slopes which are naturally vulnerable to soil erosion. The growth of the population is usually paired with the removal or altering of the natural area which may damage multiple wildlife habitats and harm water. Formation of the greenways and the blueways and parks is a common growing initiative in many river basin's to allowing people to enjoy the most popular spots in the River Basin. If you put more restrictions and penalties on people who cause pollution they will stop. Find a way to keep animal waste from getting into the river.

Pictures of the New River Basin:

This picture shows the rivers and waterways heading to he New River Basin

These two pictures above the fox (left) and the bear (right)show two land organisms that live in the New River Basin

These two pictures are aquatic organisms the salamander (left) and the normal fish (right) live in the New River Basin

These two pictures are plants in the New River Basin the Roses (Left) and the tall grass (Right)