iPads in the classroom

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What are the advantages of using iPads in the classroom?

1. Kinesthetic Learners

"The iPad has a number of unique features that provide for interesting possibilities in teaching and learning. The motion sensor of the iPad has a number of intriguing applications to learning. Most students today would be classified as bodily-kinesthetic learners. The motion sensor allows students to use their hands in guiding the iPad to equilibrium, balance skills, or remote control of real or virtual robotics, hovercraft, or other vehicles."

2. Portable Learning Tool

"The iPad camera allows documentation to be taken to a whole different level. An app called Field Notes LT not only allows students to take copious notes of their observations, it attaches the date, time, GPS location and photographs of what is observed. These notes can be instantly shared, collaborated, and published in the field."

3. But how can you share files without a USB port?

"Because iPad's do not have USB ports, disk drives or CDROM/DVD capability, methods for sharing data with other computers and devices over the Internet or "cloud" have been developed. Drop box allows students set up a personal account in which they can store iPad created documents, photos, field notes, etc. And they can access those documents from any other computer or Internet capable device. Evernote will help students keep track of their notes and Mendeley will organize their research documents and let them take their research done on their computers with them, wherever they are going."


Visit the link provided to read more about the advantages to teaching and learning through iPads in the classroom.

iPads in the Classroom

Can iPads replace a computer?

There is an adaptor made for everything you will pretty much need. While a laptop might have all the accessories already included, the expense for a laptop is still greater. You can buy only what you need additional for the iPad. You can pick the screen size and storage size of the iPad that best fits your needs. The good thing about iPads is that you can always buy additional storage from the Apple store.

5 things iPads do better than computers

1. portability

2. battery life

3. ease of use

4. connectivity

5. camera

The link below is a great read for comparing the two devices together. A portable keyboard can be attached to the iPad to make typing and searching faster and easier.

Can the iPad Pro 9.7" Replace a PC?

What about digital textbooks?

Tablets Offer Savings for Schools

"According to the FCC, the U.S. spends about $7 billion per year on textbooks, but many of them are seven to ten years out of date. Advocates believe using tablets instead will save money and improve learning."

Do Tablets Really Improve Learning?

"The program, which replaced worn textbooks with interactive, digital versions with video, graphics and built-in quizzes that invited students to participate and give instant feedback, spurred positive comments that students using the iPad version were "more motivated, attentive, and engaged" than those with the paper algebra books."

"Educators can point to many positives of digital books. Tablets can easily update information and assignments, high-resolution audio and video illustrate and reinforce concepts, and with online assignments, students gain the ability to interact with the material they're learning."

The Future of Education: Tablets vs. Textbooks button "Digital Textbooks" below provides many resources about the advantages of using digital textbooks.

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What can you do with an iPad?

1. Get coding

2. Easily Make A Stop Motion Movie

3.Easily Make A Video Game

4. Create A Photography Studio

5. Go Green Screen

6. Code 3-D bracelets On A Class Tablet

7. Give an Absentee Play-by-Play Commentary of Any Lesson

8. Create Professional Presentations

9. Use QR Codes In Your Classroom

10. Make an eBook


Visit the Scholastic button below to read the full descriptions. You don't want to miss out.

a digital story created my Mrs. Weathers class

IOS. Possibilities for every ability

"iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch come with assistive features that have changed the learning landscape for students with special needs. These innovative technologies allow every student to experience the fun and function of iOS."

1. Hearing

2. Vision

3. Learning and Literacy

4. Physical and Motor Skills

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iPads in the classroom get students engaged

"iPads in education provide a great opportunity for students to become engaged with not only their teachers, but other students as well. The devices create a 1:1 learning environment where teachers can develop lesson plans incorporating the technology. "

Can iPads really help with classroom management?

Search ClassDojo on the App store and download it have happier students, a happier classroom environment, easily engage parents, and much more.

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What's so cool about ipads?

"Something magical happens when you put Apple products in your classroom. You can create unique opportunities for personal learning at every level. Lessons become more immersive through the power of touch, motion and sound. Assignments can be sketched, scored, charted, coded or performed. And the work your students need to do becomes the work they love to do."
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