6th Grade Tiger Newsletter


6 More DAYS of School

The last day of school is May 23!!! I cannot believe that it is already the end of the year. Myself, as well as the rest of the 6th grade team would just like to THANK you for allowing us to work with you wonderful students each and every day. It has been a true joy and pleasure, and we wish them well as they move on to 7th grade.

-Ms. J

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A Note from Mrs. Anderson

Hey guys!!

I just wanted to write a quick note letting you know how much I have appreciated spending this year with your kiddos! This has been my favorite year by far and I am so sad to not be continuing on with them to 7th grade. I wanted to let you all know that my family will be re-locating to Tulsa so your kids will have a new counselor next year. I am so thankful for the time I have had with this awesome group of kids, and I can't wait to hear what they accomplish over their next two years at Central. I'm so thankful that you have entrusted this sweet group of students to me! I will miss you all so much! Let me know if your ever in Tulsa :)

With love,

Chasidy Anderson


If your student is interested in the WORLDSTRIDES trip to Florida in the summer of 2018, please contact Ms. Jasper for more information.

The deadline for the discounted price is ending soon!

Please sign you students up!! They will have a wonderful time!!!


BrAziLiaN CaRnIvAl STEM Activity

The 6th grade teachers are currently planning a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) activity for the entire 6th grade on May 17, 18 and 19. The theme of our activity is Carnival because the students are currently studying the South American culture in Geography class and we want to be able to incorporate things the students have learned from every class. We will have 3 fun filled and educational days where we create our very own Central Carnival.

Our STEM Activity is going to be an activity where student design a Carnival parade float and get it to move on its own using magnets...

For this activity we would like to start collecting some supplies. If you would like to donate any of these items we would be so appreciative!!

Please send your items by Wednesday, May 17.

Please have students bring these items to Ms. Jasper's room (116).

For Questions Contact:

Ms. Jasper


Items we still need are:



Magnetic Tape


Bags of Candy

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Tiger Teacher Topics of the Week

Mrs. Jester's Math

Sixth grade Pre-AP Pre-Algebra will be taking a test on Exponents and Scientific Notation on Monday. We will be reviewing Pre-Algebra content on Tuesday and participating in the STEM activity Wednesday through Friday.

Sixth grade math will be working on their tessellations on Monday and Tuesday and also participating in the STEM activity Wednesday through Friday.

Please check Infinite Campus to ensure that all of your student's missing assignments have been turned in to me. All missing assignments are due on Wednesday, May 17th.

On a personal note, it has been my absolute pleasure to be a part of your student's education this year. I hope you and yours have a restful summer.

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Mrs. Turnbow's Math

Mrs. Turnbow's classes will continue to prepare for next year. We will be making Carnival masks May 17- May 19.

Ms. Jasper's Science

This week we will begin presenting our biomes projects from Chapter 9 (they are worth a test grade). Also, we will be working on our STEM Carnival Floats.

Reminders this Week:

Chapter 8 Test is Wednesday, May 17.

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Ms. Clark's Science

Supplies are still needed for Carnivale...shoe boxes, or shoe box sized boxes, feathers, boas, sparkly things, construction aids. Please send to me or to Ms. Jasper.

I can't wait to take pictures of the wonderful shoe box floats I know the kids will make!

Mr. Janzen and Mrs. Anderson's Social Studies

Mr. Janzen and Mrs. Anderson's social studies classes will be making Pinatas for our rotation of the STEM project next week. Also, textbook check-in day is Thursday, May, 18th. Both the math and social studies books that were checked out to each student need to be returned. Lastly, students will not need to bring anything to school on the last two days, May 22nd and 23rd.

Thank you for a great year!!

Mrs. Frank and Ms. Walter's English

In English we will continue reading Hatchet. In Mrs. Frank's class, we will write a letter to her future students, listen to a chapter from Summerlost by Ally Condie who is coming on Tuesday, and work on Carnival masks.

Mrs. Edwards' Literacy

We are reading The Running Dream. We are working on skills such as: summarizing info., illustrating what we have read, identifying/discussing key quotes within the novel, and understanding the vocabulary used throughout. We will be making Carnival hats and headdresses May 17-19.