Mulberry and Mount Pleasant Elementary Schools

Quaver Note codes for October!! Two codes will give you a total of 300 Quaver notes! MonsterGroove21 and Treat 21

Mrs Ferguson

My name is Mrs. Ferguson. I have been teaching music for 19 years! This is my 13th year teaching at The Mulberry and my 3rd year at Mount Pleasant Elementary School.

Just a little bit about me....I am married and have five kids. I grew up on a large family farm and continue to farm with my husband and our family. I love teaching!! Not only do I teach at school but I teach at church every Sunday and Wednesday as well. I play the tenor saxophone and I am a member of the Yadkin Valley Community Band. I enjoy missions, mountain biking, reading, hiking, playing instruments, singing, and dancing.

I look forward to making music with you this year!

Quaver Music

We have Quaver! If you want to earn Quaver Notes and "buy" things within this music program, you must enter your class code.

1 Sign into CLEVER.

2 Go to Mrs Ferguson's Music Page

3 Look up your class code by clicking the blue pencil link

4 Go to the Quaver Ed link and click the enter code button in lower right corner

5 Enter your class code

Once you have followed these five steps you will have a student dashboard. Here you can enter monthly Quaver codes that will give you notes to spend. Each month I will post the new code on my clever page announcement.

October's code is monstergroove21 and the bonus code is treat21

If you enter both codes in October you can get 300 quaver notes!!

What are we learning in Music Class?

All grades will be participating in the Carnegie Hall Musical Explorers Program.

We will take virtual trips to Mexico, Italy, and Trinidad, where we will explore the history, culture, and music of each country. We will meet musicians and learn a few songs in the native languages.

First Stop....Veracruz, Mexico