Henrik lunqvist

henrik lunqvist is one of the best goalies in the wolrd

Henri k Lunqvist is a goalie on the NY rangers.rangers. Henri k Lunqvist is known for his quickness flex and one of the best goalies in the world.His nickname is king Henrik.He was drafded from Sweden to the NHL.Read more about Henrik Lunqvist and his greatness.


Henrik Lunqvist was born march 2 1982 in Sweden.He first played hockey in Frolunda Sweden.In 1999-2000 he was a juinor champ for Sweden.He loves hockey.


In 2006 in torino Italy Henrik Lunqvist led Sweden to thir 2 gold medal.In 2012 HenrikbLunqvist won the vezina trophy.Henrik Lunqvist showed his tallent to the NHL.He was drafded first pick 2004.

Winter classecs and shoutouts

Henrik Lunqvist played 2 winter clasecs.Henrik Lunqvist has 56 shouts.He was a silver world champion.Henrik Lunqvist has the most shouts.


Henrik Lunqvist had atot of ingeres.cencushens.colerbones and more.


he has alot of teammates.Zukarelo.and marten st loues.Henrik Lunqvist is the best player on his team.
Lundqvist makes a twirling blocker save