NCVA Materials & Equipment Returns

SY 21-22

Dear NCVA Families,

Thank you for allowing us to support your families this school year. It has truly been our priviledge! As we begin to wrap-up, questions will arise regarding materials returns once school is out for the summer. This is a quick reference guide addressing frequently asked questions.

Please read carefully, as some directions may differ between families that plan to return to NCVA in the Fall and those that have made an alternate school choice for next year. When in doubt, ASK, before sending anything back to the Stride K12 warehouses. We are wishing you all a safe and relaxing summer!

K12 Customer Support 1-866-512-2273

Stride K12 is our education partner servicing the online resources, course materials, and loaner computer equipment to our families. If you have additional questions regarding returns, damages, or shipping, please contact K12 Customer Support at 1-866-512-2273 or via chat at .


  • Stride K12 will e-mail return shipping labels to families to mail send back materials. However, you will need to provide your own boxes. Families may reuse the original ones from K12 shipments earlier in the year.

  • Do NOT return any loaner computer equipment if your student is returning to NCVA next year.

  • For families that are not returning: Do NOT ship course materials and computer equipment together. Stride K12 maintains separate warehouses for these. Please contact K12 Support if you need assistance.

  • Do NOT return materials/books immediately if:
  1. A student is required to attend summer school.
  2. A student may be being retained in the same grade for next year. Please wait to confirm that he/she has been promoted.

When in doubt, please ASK before returing computer equipment or materials at 1-866-512-2273.

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Stride K12 typically e-mails a materials list to families in mid-June. However, Learning Coaches also have year-around access to the materials list under their Learning Coach account. There is a visual above.

  1. Select the LC's name in the top right-hand corner.
  2. Click the "My Info" link.
  3. Select your student's name, and then view the "Orders" tab to see a list of material orders.
  4. View the icons provided on the Legend/Key to see which items need to be returned (visual below)...Click the link for full instructions.

Tip: Families will have a better view from a computer or laptop, versus a mobile device.

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How to Request Additional UPS Shipping Labels

Stride K12 will e-mail shipping labels to families at the end of the year. Please use this link if additional labels are needed.

Withdrawing Families Only: Computer Equipment Returns

Remember: Computer equipment and materials/books should NOT be packaged together. They are processed in separate warehouses. **Please DO NOT return your keyboard, mouse, or headphones if they have been used in any way, per K12 Customer Support.**

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