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Temperate Grasslands

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The black footed ferret is one of the endangered species found in the temperate grasslands. It is a carnivore (meaning it only eats meat). their are many great animals at the fauna grasslands their are coyotes, badgers, prarie dogs, ground squirrels, pocket gaphers, proghorns and bison.The fauna grasslands are very low in diversity especially when it is compared to the tropical grasslands of the African savannas. Most of the grasslands are composed of a rich mix of grasses ,forbs and underlained by some of the world's most fertile soils. Most were converted into agricultural lands since the development of the steel plow.

Weather And Environment

Thier are two types of grasslands: tall grasslands which tend to be very humid and wet, then thier are the short grasslands that tend to be very dry with hot summers and colder winters.In south America and Argentina the grassland are known as pampas (in which the climate tends to be humid and moist. Grasslands tend to get more precipitation in the southern hemisphere then in the northern hemisphere. The weather can heavily impact the environment, plants, and animals. The best time to visit the grasslands (short) would be in summer unless you like to be in the cold because the best time to visit then would be in the winter. For the tall grasslands the best time to visit would be at any time (if you like to be in a humid place).

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Travel info

You will be visiting the East African savannas (located in Africa)!!!!!!! Africa is the world's second-largest and second-most populous continent in the world.

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Most of the grasslands are now used as farms which is one way humans are impacting the grasslands. How does this impact the grasslands will we are taking over some of the animal's homes! Of course just like in any other place thier are animals competing for food and survival. As shown in food web above the cheetahs and hyenas both get thier energy off of zebras and elephants which get theirs from plants and trees.