May HOS Updates

End of Year Head of School Updates

Thank you for a successful school year

As we wrap up this year, I want to thank you for your dedication to our students and your continued focus on Data Driven Instruction and student academic growth. This has been an exciting year where we have seen increases to passing rates, OLS logins, HS course logins, a fidelity to true DDI, and so much more. I greatly appreciate the work you do on a daily basis to ensure the needs of our students are met; your hard work does not go unnoticed.

In preparation for school year 2016-17, I have some exciting news to share. We are able to use a substantial amount of Classroom Site Fund money to fund additional teacher positions. Currently, we are hiring for nearly forty positions with the vast majority of these positions being teachers. While some of these are backfills, we are excited to bring on 16 new teachers across our district to help reduce ratios. Your principals are hard at work determining how to best use the hires allotted to them and interviewing to ensure we hire the best teachers possible!

We will also have changes to our Blended Learning program next year. We are working to create some larger 'anchor' sites that have multiple staff, and even a certified math teacher, on site. Some of the largest sites will be able to hold more than 100 students on-site. We are still working to finalize locations, but once this is all finalized, we will share this exciting news with all of you. We do know we will need to hire additional teachers to help fill these positions as well, so if you know of any HQ Certified teachers looking for an in-person teaching position in the Phoenix or Tucson area next year, please encourage them to apply on the K12 Career board found at

If you refer a teacher (detailed policy is listed below), you will receive a $750 referral bonus! We are hiring at nearly all grade levels and content areas, so please send your friends and family our way if you believe they would be an excellent fit at either AZVA or ISAZ.

I hope you all enjoy a long, restful summer! We'll see you in late July!

Graduation 2016

AZVA will graduate approximately 120 students and ISAZ will graduate 105, with more to come this summer! Our students have received nearly half a million dollars in scholarships and our graduates will be attending colleges and universities all over the country.

AZVA HS Graduation

Tuesday, May 24th at 6PM

Glendale Civic Center

ISAZ HS Graduation

Thursday, May 26th at 11AM

2532 W. Peoria Ave. (same location as PD)

Expense Reports

As we near the end of the fiscal year (which ends 6/30), we need to ensure all expense reports are closed out and paid before we roll over into the new fiscal year.

Teachers/those on a teacher calendar: You MUST submit your expense report before you leave for summer break. This means, your expense report needs to be submitted by close of business on Friday, May 27th.

For those of you that do not follow the teacher calendar: You MUST submit your expense report no later than June 10th.

Once these dates pass, no expenses will be reimbursed for any expenses incurred before June 10th, 2016.

Important Dates

AZVA HS Graduation: Tuesday, May 24th @ 6PM

ISAZ HS Graduation: Thursday, May 26th @ 11AM

Teacher Summer Vacation: May 30th - July 22nd

Back to School PD: July 25-26 (ISAZ) and July 26-27 (AZVA)

ISAZ First Day of School: Monday, August 1st

AZVA First Day of School: Wednesday, August 3rd

STI Designation in Total View

The STI designation is being utilized in a different way than it has been in the past. Please do not mark or unmark any student's STI designation. Thank you!

Phoenix Comicon FREE Professional Development for Teachers

If you are in a fandom – any fandom – and you have plans to attend Comic Con in Phoenix next month, this information is for you!

Check out this awesome link – we can attend for free – let me repeat that in all caps: FOR FREE – on Thursday or Friday and attend panels to get professional development hours:

Many of the panels have to do with science, but I hope that you’ll take some time to look through and see if there is anything that strikes your fancy.

Thank you Allison Powell for the submission of this information!

Employee Referral Program

The employee referral program hopes to bring the highest caliber of talent to K12. It enables employees to participate in the recruiting process and to work with talented professionals from their network who can help make significant strides in our business.

Referral Process:

 Employees refer candidates by having them apply online to a K12 position (

 When applying online, the applicant must answer “Yes” to the question “Are you an Employee Referral?” and additionally, the referrer’s name must be added in to the “Employee Referral Name” text field.

 All information regarding the referral and the hiring process remains confidential.

 If all requirements are met, then the employee will receive payment automatically on the last payroll of the month following the first 90 days of employment of the new hire.


 $150 for part-time K12 teachers and Instructional Services teachers hired as contractors

 $500 for full-time non-exempt (“hourly”) positions

 $750 for full-time teachers

 $1,000 for full-time K¹² positions and special education teachers

 $2,000 for all Systems & Technology positions and Heads of School (full-time)

Eligibility & Rules:

 The referral must represent the candidates’ first contact with K12

 Payment under the Employee Referral Program will only be made if the referrer is a current K12 employee on the scheduled payroll date.

 Bonuses are not paid for contractors, converting contractors or employees of K12 managed schools applying, to a K12 position unless specified above

 Candidates who are former K12 employees do not qualify for this program

 Referral bonuses will not be paid if an employee referral creates a profile and does not apply to a specific K12 job opening

 Referral bonuses are not be paid for internal transfers

 If more than one (1) employee refers the same candidate and is documented as such the referral bonus will be split

 Employees are ineligible to receive employee referral bonuses if they work within HR, participate in the hiring process and/or directly manage the position

 Vice Presidents and above are ineligible for referral bonuses

AZVA/ISAZ Teacher Appreciation 2016

School Info

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