Class Poster

Yadiel Graciano

Kenetic Energy

There was once a little ball name Timmy who like to roll around. Timmy would roll and roll for days at a time, but he always felt like he was putting no effort into his rolling. One day Timmy stopped rolling and began to feel sad. That day a little boy walked by and asked Timmy why he was so sad. Timmy answered that he felt like there was no point in rolling because his rolling had no energy. The little boy sat down beside Timmy and explained that all moving objects have kinetic energy due to their motion. Timmy brcame very happy and began to roll again. The end.

Potential Energy

There once was a box who always thought bad about himself. He would always cry and moan that he would never amount to anything, but a strange man would always say otherwise. The man walked by the box every day on his way to work and would say "Box! Stop your moaning and do something with have alot of potential you know". Day after day the box would ignore the man and continue moaning. Until one day the man got fed up with the box and pushed him down a hill and as he began to roll and roll away he yelled "See I told you that you had alot of potential....I just forgot to mention that it was energy". The end.

Conservation of Energy

Once upon a time there was a tinny bomb called Robert. Robert was a happy bomb and would always smile. Everyone who knew Robert said that he was very friendly and nice...that is everyone but Mr. Fire who hated Robert. No one knew exactly why Mr. Fire hate Robert or what started his dislike. One day Robert was relaxing under his favorite tree with his friend Turtle who would always follow Robert wherever he went. Mr. Fire had long sought to get rid of Robert so he had devised a plan to make Robert explode! As the cool breeze blew by Robert and Turtle both fell asleep under the tree and Mr. Fire ceased the chance and went and lit Robert's fuse and scurried off. Turtle smelling the smoke woke up and saw Roberts fuse was lit and as he began to try to wake up Robert he blew up "BOOM!!!". Turtle was blown away by the explosion but he was protected by his sturdy shell. He began to cry and sob over his friends death. At that moment an owl flew by and asked why Turtle was crying. Turtle replied "Robert exploded and now he's gone forever without a trace" and as Owl heard this he paused for a moment to think and then he said "Why Robert might have exploded but he is still just can't see him". Hearing this Turtle jumped up and began to ask "How? How can you be sure he is still around?" and Owl replied "Why it's simple really since everything follows the law of conservation of energy that means that Robert simply turned into kinetic energy and is flowing all around us". Having heard this Turtle felt happy knowing that his friend was not truly gone after all.