Milton News Bulletin

News Bulletin Summer Week 5

Dear Parents/Carers

Consultation Early Years Provision

Milton School is currently in the process of applying to the Regional Schools Commissioner to change the designation to include an Early Years Provision. As the school is part of the Interaction and Communication Academy Trust this requires a 4-week consultation period with all stakeholders, to give the local community the opportunity to raise any queries or concerns.

There is an ever-increasing demand for Early Years provision across the local community and Milton School is best placed to provide an enhanced education to a specific number of pupils, who may otherwise struggle to access education which meets their needs.

If you have any queries or concerns relating to this, please contact the school via .

Kind regards

Amanda Costello


Important Notice

There will be an email / form coming out for parents/carers to update any contact details which may have changed over the last 12 months. It is vital we have two emergency contact numbers and a working email for school to be able to contact you.

Building Works

Here are your weekly updates from the building of the two new classrooms! The workmen have been busy ensuring the school site is safe for all pupils, staff & visitors. We will be keeping you updated with regular pictures and videos from the progress of the buildings. Remember to follow the new procedures for dropping off and picking up pupils, as we have no access through the car park . If you need any help or assistance please speak to your child’s class teacher or a member of staff on site .

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Cook - 18,502

Drake - 17,562

Kingsley - 19,721

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On Wednesday we had a special zoom from our very own Tyler and his Mum Laura, who have created a support group called "Young Future", for parents and carers who have children who struggle with stress and anxiety. Laura & Tyler shared some very useful tips and activities we will be using in school in September. The session was to try & understand how pupils and parents could be feeling, and to try to ensure the transition back into school in September is as relaxed as possible. We had some very positive feedback from the session and hopefully be working with Young Future again in the near future. Thank you again for all the hard work and information. ?

Don't forget to complete the parent/carer survey on Epraise. Points for all pupils !

Miss McCabe

House coordinator

Twitter: @MissRMcCabe

Zoom Special Assembly

Wednesday 15th July at 1pm will be our special zoom assembly to celebrate all of our students achievements and hard work through this difficult year. We have received some wonderful work throughout lock down and we are so proud of your attitude and achievements in these strange few months. It wont be the same celebration we would have liked, but we will try our best to make it as special and exciting as we can Please feel free to make banners and decorations to fill the zoom with yellow, green and blue! Your house leaders and staff are very excited to see all your lovely faces altogether! See you then!

Wednesday: 1:00 pm End of year House Assembly

Invites should have been sent via Epraise.

For any invites please contact your teachers via email or Epraise

Hope to see you all!

Meet the staff

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Mr Redfern - Assistant Principal Lower School

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Mrs Preece Assistant Principal Upper School

House Teams

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Hello Team Cook,

We really hope you're all OK and still being superstars!

It's been so fantastic to see so many of you in the class Zoom calls over the last few weeks. The big house call is going to be amazing and we really want to see you all there.

As we've seen on Epraise so many of you have been doing fantastically with your home learning and those who've been learning in school. A huge shout out to the following students for reaching new milestones.

Sienna from Y8R for achieving her Rub Certificate!

Max from Y4 and Joshua from Y6 have both achieved the Silver Certificate!

Isabella from Y5 for achieving her Gold Certificate!

So many of you are so close to getting to your next award on Epraise. Keep it up you're all doing immensely well!

This week's challenges are -

1. Can you set yourself a personal target of something you want to do/achieve/complete/try over the the summer holidays that is new? Maybe learn to ride a bike, go somewhere you've never been before or learn how to spell you name out in Makaton.

2. For this week we want to see how many green things you can find to wear or surround yourself with for the House Zoom call. We will give a house point for every item you get that's green and have with you!

Look out on @TeamCookMS for who our weekly Team Cook Champion is. We announce it every Friday afternoon!

Keep safe, look after each other, keep working hard and keep tweeting us for house points!

Miss Hale, Mr Brown and Mr Tomlinson

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Hello Team Drake!

It’s the final countdown for house points this week before we find out which House win for this school year. We appreciate all the hard work and effort that you have put in since September, both at school and at home. We couldn’t ask for a better bunch of Drakelings, we are very proud of you all.

There will be a House assembly on Zoom on Wednesday 15th July at 1pm so we hope to see you there.

As always you can keep in touch and earn some extra housepoints through our Twitter page @TeamDrakeMS

Our Drake Captain of the Week goes to Tia in Y5 who has been earning lots of points for her homework this week and has reached her Silver Milestone! Well done Tia!

Stay safe and take care, love Mr Carr & Mrs Roberts x

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Hello there Kingsley Crusaders,

Well what a fantastic week it has been. we have loved all your Twitter pictures showing all the amazing work you have been doing. From math to life skills all have been amazing. Please keep them coming so we can reward you with House points. We are so super proud of you all. The work you are producing while at home has been fantastic. While you have been home learning some have been doing lots of gardening cooking and baking also even designing their own bedroom designed on THE SMILER RIDE how cool is that.

Well next week is our last week of term so lets make the final week totally fantastic. Keep flooding twitter with your amazing tweets. Keep Smiling & Keep Being Amazing.

Love Mrs Storey & Mr Earl xxx

Look what #TeamMilton have been up to

Don't forget to share all your great home activities with us on twitter so we can get you in the bulletin! @school_milton

Year 3

Damien done some good writing and should be very proud of himself

Year 4

It’s all about plants!!! Slowly working our way through ‘Science made easy’!!! - Y4 Scott

Great Art Work & Sewing! - Y4 Finley

Year 5

Rowan collected 4 bags of rubbish on a recent walk in Creighton Woods, Swinton. We are lucky to have such a lovely woodland on our doorstep. It’s a shame that some people drop their litter and don’t take it home or put it on the bin. But good work Rowan!

Year 6

Thank You to all year six pupils who have worked very hard on all issues regarding homework and have amassed several certificates from IXL on answering many questions (in fact thousands) and have learned lots of new skills. Mr Kirk

Well we’ve started our cake, chocolate top with a vanilla bottom, oven is full with cookies

fair to say he enjoyed himself! - Y6 Tyler

Year 8E

Thomas had a great time on his Zoom call this morning, he loved showing the staff his newly decorated bedroom! Y8E Thomas

Year 8R

Sienna has achieved her Ruby Certificate! Super proud, well done.

Year 10

Home made pizza. I’m so full that I can’t move - Great Skills Joshua Y10

Year 10's have been keeping themselves busy over the past few weeks. One pupil has been going on an adventure with his family to Hardcastle Crags near Hebden Bridge. Another pupil has been having a BBQ in the rain, collecting food for local food banks, making sausage rolls and relaxing through fishing. Finally, another pupil has been doing lessons from Oak National Academy on Parts of a Plant and flower. He also did a 24-hour clock conversion and some lovely written work on a Fire action plan, generated from a Fire Service leaflet.
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Eco School

Butterfly Feeder

How to make a butterfly feeder

You will need:

a plate
a key ring
a tape measure
wool (or string)
over-ripe fruit

1. Cut six lengths of wool, each 2.75 metres long. Gather them and fold in half.

2. Push the folded end through the key ring to create a loop and pull the loose ends through.

3. Separate into six strands (each strand will include two pieces of wool).

4. Measure 30 centimetres from the ring and tie a knot into each strand.

5. Below these knots, separate the wool into 12 strands, then bring together strands which are next to each other, leaving the outer strands until last.

6. Measure 20 centimetres below these knots and tie a knot in the two pieces of wool now paired together. Do this for each paired strand of wool (six knots in total).

7. Check the width of the plate at its widest point, measure this length below the second knot and tie all strands together in one big knot.

8. Place the plate in the wool hanger so that the final big knot is below the middle of the plate and the strands are spaced out around the edge. Hang in a sunny spot out of the wind.

For all the latest news on our Eco School campaign please visit our new Eco Schools Twitter page: @EcoschoolM

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Wellbeing Tip

We all have our good and bad days and often when we are feeling a little bit down and just generally not ourselves, we need to do something to pick ourselves back up. When we are feeling low it can be hard to think of the things that bring us joy and make us feel calm and relaxed. A good self-care tip is to plan for the bad days on your good days. Make a note of the things that make you happy so that if you feel a change in your mood you can go through the things on your list to lift you back up. Examples could be taking a nice long bubble bath, listening to your favourite music, walking your dog or speaking to your friends. The main thing is to recognise what makes you happy so that you know how to boost your own mood if you need to.


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Hello Miltoners,

We really hope you're all well and keeping safe.

We're carrying on with our helpful tips on supporting positive behaviours. This week our focus is on 'silent signals'.

All of use silent signals daily. From a wave, thumbs up, pointing, a wink or a finger on our lips. This can be extended to help with learning. In school we use lots of silent signals to reassure pupils and direct them. This are often class based, teacher lead or used with Makaton.

Try setting five silent signals with your children that you can both refer to. This reduces the need for noise if your child is having an especially sensory sensitive day. Using Makaton can be really helpful Have a silent signal for starting work, taking a break and finishing work. This could really make a difference if you do have a lot of noise going off as well around you home or area. Reducing the need for shouting which could have a negative effect on your child.

Give it a try, let us now how it goes and as always we wish you well.


The BIGS Team

IT Tips and Hints

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Mr Earl's IT tips and hints

Browser hints and tips.

Ctrl+Tab: If you want to move between multiple web pages, pressing CTRL+Tab you can scroll through all of your open tabs within the browser.

CTRL+SHIFT+T: When you accidentally closed the tab and you want to reopen the last closed tab, press CTRL+SHIFT+T. Then you can reopen your web page quickly.

CTRL +/-: If the text on the webpage you are viewing is hard to read due to the size, then you can choose to zoom in/out by pressing CTRL +/-. If your keyboard has + sign on the same key as the = sign, then you will need to press the SHIFT button as well as.

Spacebar: If you are viewing a vertically long webpage, it is sometimes difficult to move Up/Down on the page. An easy way to do this is to simply press the Spacebar to move the webpage down . To move webpage up, simply press SHIFT + Spacebar.

CTRL + F: To search the webpage you are on for any text, just press CTRL + F to open the search bar. Just enter the text to search and hit Enter

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Food For Life

What's in this season?


One of the delights of the summer, cherries are much loved for their succulent texture, flavour and gorgeous good looks. The juicy flesh can be sweet or sour, depending on which of the hundreds of varieties they are. Cherries are divided into three groups: sweet, sour and hybrids.

At their peak in mid July.

Choose the best

Buy plump, shiny cherries that have their stalks attached and look for fruit that is dark red, firm but not hard.

Generally, pale cherries are sweet and dark cherries more acidic. It is always a good idea to try before you buy to get the flavour that you prefer.

Prepare it

Remove stalks and use a cherry stoner to pit the cherries if you are using a large number for a recipe.

Store it

Keep unwashed cherries in the fridge for 3-4 days and wash them just before serving. Cherries also freeze well.

Cook it

Sweet cherries are suitable for eating, sour cherries are great in tarts, pies, crumbles and sauces.

Recipe Of The Week

Fresh cherry cake with a hint of cinnamon

  • 140g self-raising flour
  • ½ tsp ground cinnamon
  • 50g golden caster sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 4 tbsp milk
  • 85g buttermelted
  • 350g juicy, ripe cherries
  • icing sugar, for dusting

For the topping

  • 25g plain flour
  • ¼ tsp ground cinnamon
  • 25g golden caster sugar
  • 25g butter at room temperature, diced


  1. Preheat the oven to fan 160C/ conventional 180C/gas 4. Grease and base line a 20cm round cake tin, about 5cm deep. Sift the flour, cinnamon and caster sugar into a bowl. Make a well in the centre and add the egg, milk and melted butter, then combine with a wooden spoon or electric whisk. Beat well to make a thick, smooth mixture. Spoon into the tin and spread evenly.
  2. Remove the stalks and stones from the cherries, using a pitter if you have one to keep the fruit whole. Scatter the cherries over the mixture and gently press them in.
  3. To make the topping, tip all the ingredients into a bowl. Rub in the butter with your fingers to make a crumb-like mixture, then work the mixture until it comes together in pea-sized pieces. Scatter the topping over the cherries.
  4. Bake for 30-35 minutes until a skewer pushed into the centre comes out clean. Leave in the tin until cool enough to handle, then run a knife round the edge, remove the cake from the tin and leave on a wire rack until completely cold.
  5. For a picnic, make the cake up to 24 hours ahead and return it to the clean tin when cold. Dust liberally with icing sugar, then wrap in cling film or foil

Useful Resources

Ways of communicating with school

We have been working on ways for communication to happen between staff and pupils and parents.

We have our Epraise system already setup and you should be getting homework and tasks to do through this. If you require any help in logging in to Epraise please email

We now have class email accounts that go straight to your teacher, this can be used to email questions or photos of work that you have been doing at home. We would love to see what you have been up to too.

The emails for each class are as follows;

Don't forget we have our school twitter account feel free to share any work you have been doing for everyone to see.

If you do have any safeguarding concerns please email