Ms. Conner's Fifth Grade Class

Northridge Elementary

Spring is in the Air!

I hope everyone enjoyed their spring break and feels refreshed, ready to get back to work. We are getting down to the wire for state testing. Please make sure you continue to read every night for at least 20 minutes and practice your math at Here is an overview of what we will be working on for the next couple of weeks.

Reading and Writing

We are working on character traits and inferencing. It is important that students know how to describe characters, not just by appearance but by what the character feels, says and does. We are also reviewing inference so students can draw conclusions based on what they already know and what they read in their stories. Practice these strategies nightly after reading. We are writing a report on an animal of our choice. Ask your child what some interesting facts are about their animal to keep them researching.


We are finishing measurement in customary and metric units. We will be converting on type of measurement to another. Ex: grams converted to kilograms. Ask your child what all the measurements are they have learned in class and what is bigger or smaller. We will be starting statistics. Students will learn graphing skills, mean, median, mode and range. We will also throw in some combinations and probability. So much to do and so little time! Practice these skills on

Social Studies

America has won the war against Britain! We are finished with the American Revolution and we are starting government. Students will be learning the 10 amendments and the constitution. Please go over the first 10 amendments with your child and what they mean.


Spring is a perfect time to talk about weather. We will be observing different cloud forms along with weather maps. High pressure, low pressure, cold fronts and warm fronts. We will be discussing the scientific method to get ready for the science fair. Talk to your child about what they are interested in for the science fair.