By: Shawn Thorne

Fraud is Everywhere

Fraud is everywhere. Its all about people trying to steal from you whether that be through false advertisements to people pretending to be legitimate companies trying to get private information. They are mostly there to steal money and/or your identity.

What does Fraud Look Like?

Fraud can come in a variety of packages but it usually has to do with the scammer trying to act like some big company like Walmart for example. The picture to right looks nothing like the actual logo for Walmart but it still claims to be from Walmart. The scammer will usually attach fake logos to an email or website trying to make it look like a real email or website from the business.

How can I avoid Fraud

It is really quite simple to avoid fraud. Find good, reliable, well-established companies that you have researched to ensure their integrity. If a deal you receive seems to good to be true chances are that it is. Fraudsters use terms such as "once in a life time" and "never to be seen again," they are trying to have you make an uniformed and hasty decision. In order to avoid fraud just do a little research on any of your purchases.