Student Teaching with WordPress

Angie Williams, HPE Pedagogy Instructor

Getting Started in HPER 490: Methods

In preparation for their student teaching experience, my HPER 490, Methods students became members of the WP world by opening WP accounts, personalizing their accounts, creating posts/pages, and "friending" their classmates.

Bridging the Gap!

Why WordPress (WP)? WP is bridging the gap between our Health & Physical Education student teachers and me, their supervisory instructor. By utilizing WP, I can communicate more effectively with my student teachers, especially those teaching abroad! Through WP my student teachers will be able to seek advice, support, ideas, etc. from not only myself but from their peers. Whenever a student teacher needs support they can simply create a post that could contain both text and video. In sharing a video I as their supervisory instructor, can assess their teaching skills, offer advice and support, as well share in their successes! WP is the way to go!
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