DNA Comparison

Peas, peach, and green beans


How does the amount/appearance of pea DNA compare to peach/green bean DNA?


Thought green beans would have less DNA than the peas. I thought there would be more DNA in the peach than the peas.

Materials: soap, alcohol, cup, test tubes, enzyme (meat tenderizer), transfer pipettes, hooks, blender, peas, scoopula, ice, salt, water, peach, and green beans.


1. get materials

2. blend peas and other organisms using same amount of water and salt

3. strain and place in cup

4. add few drops of soap

5. let sit 5-10 minutes

6. add enzyme and stir softly transfer to test tubes

7. add alcohol slowly

8. observe, compare, and record

Conclusion: Green Beans

I found that the pea DNA and the green bean DNA are very different. The pea DNA had more present and was a whiter color. It was easily visible There was less DNA in the green beans and it was clear in color. At first it appeared green. I think there was more pea DNA because more peas could fit in the blender than green beans since the peas have a smaller surface area.

Conclusion: Peach

I found that peas have more DNA than Peaches. Peaches DNA is clear and Peas DNA was white. My prediction was wrong because I thought the fruit would have more DNA. The peas had more DNA. The peas had more because their were more chromosomes. We didn't have the exact same amount of peas and peach when we mixed them. You could measure it all out. Do something other than a fruit so I can see if a pea has that much DNA or if a fruit doesn't have very much.