Avatar Evolution Project

The Prolemuris


It has four arms so it can swing from tree to tree.

The monkey has a greenish-bluish skin color to help blend in with its surroundings and hide from predators.

It has nostrils but doesn't have a nose, just to small holes in his face. This species is hexopodal which means it has more than 2 arms.

Other Facts About the Prolemuris

It is heterotroph which means it eats nutritional requirements from organic substances.

We believe that this species is related to other monkeys but mostly related to a chimpanzee.

This species is the smallest on the planet and stay up high in the trees for safety.

This animal is very rare and a magnificent creature!

Where could the Prolemuris be..

The Finding

We new this species was out here somewhere not know what it looked like, but we had an idea of how it could look.

This animal was found on the planet Pandora, it took many years to get our way up there.

We sent a guy up there to find this species. His name was Sargent Limp. While walking around on the planet these animals came up to him and they ended up actually being friendly.