Penno Library News

Term 3 - Week 1

New English resources

To support the new English Curriculum I have bought the following PETAA resources. Check them out first day back.

New HSIE resources

As you know sharing resources amongst an entire stage can at times be a challenge. Over the last few years I have purchased digital books to try and overcome this problem. Hopefully, one day they will be on our server. Stay tuned. It's not as easy as you think! Here are the latest resources purchased from Macmillan.

Interesting blogs

This is a great blog by Corinne Campbell who is the AP at Castle Cove Public School. She writes about the daily demands teachers experience and is extremely honest.

Another blog co-created by Corinne is Edutweetoz aim is "to celebrate and share the real work of educators from all sectors and provide an alternative to the negative perceptions of teachers popularised in mainstream media."

Websites to check out

TES Australia is now up and running so don't forget to join

Also, Laura Chaffey at the Junction PS, has a great weebly full of lots of ICT info.

On a lighter note .... books I'm currently reading!

App of the week

Pic Collage is a really fun and easy app to use. It allows you to instantly arrange your photos into frames or get creative with freeform collages, cutouts, filters, borders, stickers and text. Check out the 2013 short-listed picture book poster.