Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

By Hannan Sylla

How did it Start?

The basis of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict can be traced to racism.

After the events of World War II, the UN granted the Jewish people the possession of Jerusalem -the focal point of religious enlightenment that has been fought over for centuries by the three main religions: Christianity, Judaism, and Islam- due to the Holocaust that they had endured. So, as a result, many Jewish followers immigrated to Israel. This caused a problem for neighboring Islamic countries, because of the lasting tension between Muslims, and Jews from struggles dating back to even the Crusades.

This tension eventually turned into war.

How is it Being Continued?

Outside assistance to the Israelis (e.g. The United States) thus angering the Islamic neighbors of Israel, thus pushing on the growing strains of Palestine and Israel. Also, other countries that profit off of both countries buying weapons have also essential been supplying each side with the mean to destroy one another.

How Will it End?

I think the only way the war will end is the way it began-- in bloodshed. Over a millennium of war and violence can only end that way, with more war and violence. If any signs of negotiation was possible, it would have happened a long time ago before things really got out of hand. I think the only way that this conflict will end is with a surrender of one of The warring parties, otherwise, I don't believe there will be a moment of peace anytime soon.