Being Secure On The Internet

Using the Internet

The internet is a resource that can connect you to the world! It can be very helpful when doing homework or just wanting to expand your knowledge. People use the internet every day, but sometimes it can be used in the wrong way. Using the internet safely is extremely important because just like a stranger talking to you at the playground, there are also strangers on the internet who may not be nice. Using the internet is a privilege and must be done so responsibly or it can be taken away.

Everytime you logon!

It is important to use the internet safely so that people cannot steal your personal information or damage your computer. It is also important to use the internet ethically, meaning that you should talk politely to people on the internet as if you were speaking to them in person. There are many principles that can make the internet not so nice, which include inappropriate material, using others material as your own and revealing details about yourself that people can misuse.

Wild About Safety with Timon and Pumbaa!

Guess Who?

You have logged into a chat room that is meant for kids like yourself, who love the ocean. The creator of this chat room wanted to provide kids around the world a way to talk about their interest of the ocean, but that does not mean everyone on this site is a kid! You may think you are speaking to Thomas Manning who is also 7 years old, but this persons real name is Robert Black and he is a 43 year old man who is trying to steal your information. This is why it is important to ask your parents’ permission before using the internet, letting them know what sites you are visiting, and discussing with them what information you are allowed to share on that specific site.

Being Nice

The internet is a great resource to use to stay connected with your friends and family. The internet is also a resource individuals use to hurt others, which is an action that is not ethically acceptable. In this case you have received a friend request from an individual who appears to be 9 year old Jessica Teller, you have mutual friends, and you both attend the same school and find her cute so you accept the request. The first thing Jessica does is message you, "Hi Jake!" You two begin to build a friendship. Later in the conversation Jessica says, "You are ugly and will never have a real friend." This statement is not okay and you should tell the first adult available. The person claiming to be Jessica is cyber bullying and is not using her internet privilege ethically. It is not okay for anyone to cyber bully you nor you to cyber bully others.


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