Fear Factor Party!

Prepare to be Scared!


Is fear a factor for you? Come find out at Piper’s thirteenth birthday party. With haunting decorations, delicious foods, party games to test your limits, all wrapped up at the end with a movie, this party will be one you will never forget! Come prepared with a chilling costume (doesn't have to be worn to the party, you'll have time to change).

Friday, Oct. 31st 2014 at 5-9pm

7612 Bryn Mawr Dr

Dallas, TX

Prepared to be terrified at Piper's thirteenth party!

  • Arrive at 5:00 PM (bring a costume if you want to enter the costume contest)
  • Give kids time to chat :)
  • Assign 6 teams and start playing some party games
  • Eat cake and drink slime punch
  • Watch "The Poltergeist" on DVD (while eating Ghost Pretzel Sticks)
  • Leave at 9:00 PM


Credit will be given to my friend for letting us use her S'more account to create this invitation, and the picture (above) came from www.aceshowbiz.com