Friday Flash

Friday, October 25, 2013

Hearts: Social Emotional Learning

Spanish Speaking Mother's Group, 11/6 at 9am

There are flyers in the office for the Spanish-speaking mothers' group that Kathleen and I will lead on 11/6. Please let us know if you have parents in your class that you would like us to call or outreach to.

Minds: Teaching & Learning

Instructional Rounds-10/29, 8-12

Reminder that leaders from across the district, as well as Linda Morgan, Tom and myself, will be walking through classes. Our focus is Academic Discussion.

CELDT Testing- Phew!

We are almost done!

Special thanks to Marcelo for his work in coordinating this effort & to Maren for covering classes and doing extra testing.

All Curriculum is Now in the Bookroom

If you are looking for something, please check the bookroom!

Writing Units Reminders

In order to create future PD that is built off of our strengths and challenges, please email me the 3 dates you will be trying the 3 mini lessons in the next five weeks by next Weds, 10/14. Linda or I will try to pop in to at least one of these sessions in order to get a sense of how we are doing.

By 11/13:

Read: The Mini Lesson (pages 60-69) in a Guide to the Common Core Writing Workshop

Teach: At least 3 writer's workshop session to your class using the new writing program including: the Mini Lesson, the Independent Writing, and the Conferring

Bring: 3 samples (only 3).

Reflect: Lessons Learned- What builds off of our previous work? What is new? How can this help strengthen our K-5 writing program? How does this program help with your classroom writing program?


Yard Duty Safety Reminder

Please pick up your students on time from recess and lunch. If an incident happens while you are supposed to be with your students and you have not shown up on time, you can be held legally responsible. Let's make sure our kids are safe and supervised at all times!

New Copy Machine!

The new copy machine will arrive today (Friday). This was donated by one of our parents, Luis Alberto Rivera, who salvaged it from his company and drove to Petaluma to pick it up for us! We do not have a service plan or a toner purchase package for this machine so I'm suggesting we use it for small jobs. Annie & I will let you know the new location on the first floor once we see the size.

Old Copy Machine Etiquette

There is now a sign over the old copy machine reminding everyone that teachers on prep. have priority for use. WIth that said, if there is an aide, parent, or colleague using the machine, let's follow our norm of ASSUME POSITIVE INTENT. You can kindly explain the policy and then let them know when you will be finished. Our parents are generously volunteering their time to help us and our aides are only here a few hours a day.

Follow Up: Custodian Schedule

MWF Mr. Fudge downstairs

T/TH Upstairs and Portables Brown

Let me know if you any questions.

Looking Ahead...

10/29 Second Grade Math Night, 7pm

10/30: Parent Conferences

10/29 Instructional Rounds (district office and other principals visit Glenview)

10/31 Halloween Parade, 1:30

11/8 No School

11/116 PTA Meeting (Equity Focus)

11/13 Staff Meeting: