Civil War Strategies and Aims

By: Emma Sinclair

North Strategies

The North had 3 main strategies to win the war. 1st the North needed to close all Southern ports to prevent supplies from reaching the South, it would also prevent the South from making money. 2nd the Union needed to gain control of the Mississippi River to cut Southern supply lines and divide the Confederacy. 3rd, they needed to capture Richmond, Virginia the Confederate capital.

North Aims

The North's main goal was to bring the Southern states back into the Union. As the war went on, ending slavery was another major goal.

South Strategies

The Souths strategy was to defend their home. They would hold onto as much land as possible until the North got tired of fighting. The South thought that France and Britain would be on their side, because they imported a lot of the South's cotton. Sometimes the Confederate leaders would change to the offensive and launch the attack.

South Aims

The main goal for the South was to win recognition as an independent nation. If they got independence it would allow them to preserve their traditional way of life, but their way of life included slavery.