Camera Types for Photo & Video

Entry Level to Professional Cameras

Point and Shoot Cameras

On a point and shoot digital camera many settings adjust automatically, such as the focus and exposure. These types of cameras tend to more affordable than others such as SLR and DSLR. This is an entry level type camera for the casual photographer.

Semi-Professional Cameras

This is more expensive than a point and shoot camera, however, you have more control over the picture taking process. The user can manually adjust some settings. Below are examples of semi-professional digital cameras.

Professional Cameras

Professional cameras are the most expensive type of camera. These cameras are for people who take pictures as more than a hobby, they might make their living by professional photography. High resolution, fast-focusing lenses, and the ability to take many pictures quickly are just a few of the characteristics of professional cameras.


A camcorder is a personal video recording device. It records video and sound to be played back later on a digital videotape, DVD, memory card, or the recording can be downloaded to a computer, edited, and then shared via website or DVD. The example here is a Sony High Definition Handy Cam.

Shoot and Share Video Cameras

These cameras are designed to capture the moment anywhere and anytime. They are small and lightweight and can be taken to the tops of mountains and even underwater if the camera is a waterproof model. The video can then be put on a computer and shared on YouTube or any video sharing site. These cameras are typically less expensive, but they can be pricey if you want high definition recordings such as you'll receive with this Flip Ultra HD video camera.

Professional Video Cameras

Professional video cameras offer many features, just like professional still cameras. They also come at a higher price. These cameras typically record in high definition format and are designed for creating movie theater quality productions. Our example here is the Sony HXR-NX5U NXCAM.