Wading in the Middle

The Upcoming Two Weeks in C7: October 17-28!

What is Essential for Our Community to Thrive?

When considering our C7 driving question, parent conferences were a success! We are so blessed to have so much support in our community! As a team, we thoroughly enjoyed getting to meet and speak with you on your learners' progress and on how we can continue to improve our program. Thank you for your feedback and your time. We greatly appreciate it. Please know that the first 9 weeks in middle school can be an adjustment period for students. They are figuring out who their friends are, what work they will be doing, and what the lead learners expect from them. For every new grade level, there is a learning curve, and hopefully, your learner is adjusting to that curve.

As we move into the second nine weeks, we have received a large number of emails with questions and concerns regarding the learning snapshots. As a community, we are working through these questions and concerns, and we would like to ask for your patience and understanding as we try to address each one of them. If you sent us feedback, thank you for taking the time to do so, and we will be working on them as we progress through this week. If you have not received feedback by the middle of next week, please send us your comments again incase they were missed.

In addition to this, please consider using the following tips to help your learner reach their full potential this year:

How can I help my child thrive in C7?

First, refer to the Edmodo Resource Folders. This is the second tab at the top of the class page. Each class has folders organized by the standards we have worked on or are working on. Utilize these resources to help reinforce the skills that your child is behind on.

Second, review this Smore. We know that this newsletter can be lengthy, but we want you to have all the information you need for your child to have the best learning experience this year. The content and standards being reviewed will be explained under each subject area.

Third, refer to Freshgrade. Review the progress with your child. Ask them questions. Look through his or her composition books and google drive to see what we are doing in class every day.

These three steps should hopefully keep you on top of what is happening with your student. Many parents have commented on there not being many items in Freshgrade. Last year in Freshgarde, we unpacked the standards, giving us more ways to break it down. This year we are simply assessing the entirety of the standards. We may spend 3 or 4 weeks working on and leading up to collecting evidence that your student has met this standard. Please look for Freshgrade comments and announcements regarding reassessment. If it is something easily completed, students can request to reassess and come before or after school, or during our planning. If there are a large number of students who have to reassess, then lead learners will try to reteach that material, and then follow up by reassessing during Patriot Time, POP days, or class time. We are truly trying to take the time to get to know your students' strengths and weaknesses to push them to reach their fullest potential. If your child has not reviewed their snapshots with you, please ask them to go over it. We are looking forward to seeing what your learner will accomplish during the rest of this school year!


Looking back...

Students had the chance to refresh their memories in regards to story elements. In fact, you should ask them to sing the Flocabulary rap that we learned, ensuring that they would not forget the six main story elements: plot, character, conflict, theme, setting, and point of view. This emphasis on story elements focuses on standard RL 7.3, which states, "Analyze how particular elements of a story or drama interact (e.g., how setting shapes the characters or plot)." Students also just read the short story "Thank You Ma'am," which will serve as a connection to our driving question and a springboard for analyzing these story elements.

Coming up...

This week, students are completing a story map for "Thank You Ma'am," and then they are analyzing how the different elements impact one another. To assess this standard, students will be assigned a project this Thursday. They will be given the story "Icarus and Daedalus." Students will have to:

  • read the story on their own
  • complete a story map
  • create a graphic organizer that supports their inferences about how story elements shape one anote
  • For a final product, create an infographic that shows the story elements and describes how they each interact and shape one another.
Please look on Edmodo for checkpoint dates and due dates beginning on Thursday, when this project is assigned. Students will be walked through this project step by step, and they should be able to complete this project entirely at school, as long as they are using their time wisely. The project is tentatively due on Thursday, October 27. Please follow up with your student to ensure they are working on this project beginning on Thursday and using his or her class time wisely!

Please don’t forget your learner's homework for humanities should reading 30 minutes a day, whether that be in their selected book or with Newsela articles. If there is ever any work in class they that fall severely behind on, they should also work on that at home. Students are assigned multiple Newsela articles and week, including the quiz and writing prompt. Whatever articles are assigned throughout the week should be completed by the time they come to school the next Monday. This will serve as evidence for standards later on in the year, but if they continue to fall behind now, it will hurt them in the end. Ask to review your learner's Newsela binder and get them to explain what it all means. We have been over this in class, and they should know their Lexile levels.



Another successful two weeks has been completed here in C7 Math. Rotations 1, 4, & 6 worked hard on the last standard furthering their knowledge in adding and subtracting rational numbers. Learners completed some activities and played some games to make progress towards their goals. Learners then moved onto to reviewing multiplying and dividing rational numbers. Rotation 3 finished both scientific notation standards and moved on to reviewing their prior knowledge of combining like terms and the distributive property. We had a chance to get outside and work in the hallways, which the learners love. These two weeks were fun and the learners did a good job of taking the next step in their mathematical journey.


Rotations 1, 4, & 6 will continue with extending their knowledge on multiplying and dividing rational numbers. They will learn how to multiply and divide negative numbers as well as applying them to real world problems. We will finish these standards with an assessment and continue to solving equations if time allows. Rotation 4 will move forward with solving all types of equations, but we will take some days to reassess and review previous standards with those that need help. Those learners who are meeting expectations will be pushed forward to other standards. All rotations will have the option to work outside and in the hallways to give the learners a change of scenery.

Helpful Information...

1. Please refer to your learner’s Edmodo in the folders section for extra resources

2. Continue to look on Fresh Grade for updated assessments

3. Free tutoring is offered every Monday and Wednesday after school from 3:05-4:00 and every morning from 7:30-8:00 when I don’t have Bus Duty which is every two weeks starting this week.

4. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions, concerns, or if you are not receiving communication. jeremy.pickens@pikeroadschools.org

Life Science

A look back...

Over the past two weeks, the learners have spent a great deal of time discovering mitosis, meiosis, and the major differences between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. The learners also started work on standard three, which discusses the different organelles that allow a cell to maintain a stable environment. To start this, the learners have created a "Wanted" poster for different organelles. These posters will be used to find jobs for different organelles in the upcoming weeks.

Please use the following links to see some of your learners work!

Vitae: 1st Period

Cognition: 3rd Period

Lux: 4th Period

Ignis: 5th Period

Terra: 6th Period

A look forward...

Learners will continue to look at different organelles and how they help cells maintain a stable environment. Through different activities, the learners will be learning about each organelle, and then they will take this knowledge to complete the final stage of this project.

Graphic Design

The learners are beginning to think outside the box. In order to have a "Lead Card" a patriot must show leadership and positive behavior. While introducing the value of a "Lead Card," learners created an acronym for patriot. Each learner chose one letter and the characteristic of a patriot had to start with the chosen letter. For example, "P" stands for passionate. The learner created the letter "P" showing that characteristic. In addition, the learners typed two paragraphs to explain their acronym. The learners excelled in completing this project.

Edmodo Invites

In case you still have not been added to Edmodo as a parent, please follow the directions below:

Go to the website www.edmodo.com

Create a "Parents" profile

After you have created a profile, you will need to ask your student to login to their profile. If you look in the bottom left-hand side you will see a parent code. Enter this code and it should give you access to your learner's classes!

Please use the images below to help you locate the code!

If you are having trouble, please don't hesitate to shoot us an email at llc7@pikeroadschools.org.

Upcoming Dates

Monday, Oct. 17

  • Softball and Baseball Tryouts C7-C9

Friday, Oct. 21

  • C7 POP

Saturday, Oct. 22

  • Cross Country: Auburn Tiger Classic

Monday, Oct. 24

  • Spirit Night at Chicken Salad Chick

Friday, Nov. 4

  • C7 Field Trip to Mobile! Look for more information to be sent home next week!

Patriot Sport Schedules!

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