The ways that plants are beneficial

By: Alyssa Reid

Plants and everyday life

Plants are a huge part for us or animals. They're the main part of us living today. The pants give us oxygen that we need to breathe. There are a lot more was plants help us other than air. They give us food, shelter, and a lot more. Plants can help a lot more ways then you can think of.


Most of the veggies and fruit we eat are from plants. All of fruit we eat is motley from trees but, the vegetables we eat are grown in the ground. When we eat these types of foods they give off their energy to us and we have that energy then. That is one big reason why all the adults and everyone else tells you to eat vegetables and fruits. Animals also eat them like we do. But most of the animals just eat the fruits then the vegetables.

Cure diseases

Some plants but very few cure diseases. But all of those plants can cures hundreds of them. A big one everyone uses is aloe. Aloe is used in medicine that heals burns, bites, cuts, and scrapes. One many not know about is garlic. Garlic can help cure acne, bites, stings, keep off cold and flu. It can also help many more things.

Human use

Humans are probably the ones who take the most use out of the plants. Other then foo we use them for shelter and paper. Most of the frames of houses are made of wood but them covered with brick to something else to make it look like a brick house. We use it for god but then we are decreasing the plant population. We also kill them with the air and all the chemicals and trash.

We can help!

Plants are dying everyday and mostly because of humans. We populate the air which is killing them and also we throw trash outside that covers the grass and trees. We can help them by picking up trash and recycle, because if we don't sooner or later plants will be gone and if they're gone so are we.