The Unexpected

To: Me

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What does it mean?

I am the reason you continue to be excited to go to work every day. You are not a person who can settle in and be content to have things the same every day. I am what keeps you interested. I may be exciting or surprising. I can be frustrating. I can be thrilling. I can sometimes be tragic. I can break your heart. I can warm your heart. I can be beautiful or ugly. I can be a big deal or a tiny one. I am what you love/hate the most.
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Why do you do what you do?

You thrive off of opportunities to give, help, teach, and learn. I intrigue you because you always have to be on your toes. You have to keep thinking. You have to keep inventing, explaining, validating. Sometimes you don't like me because I make you realize that you are not as prepared or knowledgeable as you might like. I cause you to grow because when you realize these things you do not repeat them. You learn from them and are better prepared and have more knowledge for the next time you need it.


  • Remember to be present. I could happen at ANY moment. You cannot predict me.
  • Remember to use your resources and to not be ashamed when you need them. They are there for you and are sometimes the best way to deal with me.
  • Remember to always gather more resources, make more connections, and have patience with yourself and others.
  • Remember that I am elusive but often times solvable. When the resolution is not the one you hoped for, remember that you did the most that you could.
  • Remember that I am not going anywhere. I will always come back to visit.
  • Remember to love this. Sometimes when I show up, you forget at that moment that I am what you love most.
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