Digory Kirke


By: MatthewI

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''If you had any honor and all that, you'd be going yourself.''

About Me

I, Digory Kirke, discovered Narnia even before Lucy did. My uncle Andrew was a magician, and he had magical rings that could transport you to any world. Before you can actually get to a world, mind you, you need to pass through the wood between worlds. This place was full of ponds that, if you jump in, you go to that world. I made the mistake of, while in Charn (a country nearby Narnia) ringing a magical bell that released

Aslan's name

When I hear Aslan's name I remember the beauty of Narnia being created by the Lion's song- and how everything instantly sprung into life.

Father Christmas's Gift

If I could get anything from Father Christmas I would get a map of the wood between worlds. The wood between worlds is a magical area that is filled with pools and if you jump in one it will take you to any world. All the pools lead to different worlds, so I would want a map that tells you what every world is.