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Meet the Multicultural Retention Programs (MRP) Staff

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The 3 units that make up Student Achievement Services

Student Achievement Services is one of five departments in the Division of Academic Support of Inclusive Excellence. Multicultural Retention Programs (MRP) is one of three units that make up the Student Achievement Services. The other two are PreCollege Programs and the Multicultural Education Center (MEC). The following is a brief description of the three units that make up the Student Achievement Services:

  • MRP provides academic and student support services to assist in the enrollment, retention and graduation of multicultural (African American, Asian/Hmong American, Latino/Hispanic American and Native American) students. Programs and services offered in the MRP include: academic coaching, academic tracking, specialized tutoring in English and mathematics, first-year student seminars and first-year student transition tracking, leadership development, personal, career and financial aid assistance and mentoring and referral to other on/off campus departments and organizations.
  • PreCollege Programs assist middle and high school students in their preparation for college by offering summer residential programs in the following subject areas: science, technology, engineering, mathematics, English/writing, teacher education, nursing, business, mass media and college preparation. The programs provide a variety of challenging experiences to increase awareness and appreciation for higher learning, build a foundation of better prepared students and view college as an attainable goal.
  • The Multicultural Education Center (MEC) located at 751 Algoma Boulevard serves as a multipurpose resource center that seeks to bring people together to promote and celebrate diversity on campus, in the greater Oshkosh area and extended communities. MEC also serves as a resource and information center for students, faculty, staff and community members interested in improving cross-cultural human relations and understanding cultural differences. It serves as an "embassy" for all multicultural and international students on campus.

The following is the Student Achievement Services Organizational Chart:

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Student Organizations and Leadership Development

The general purpose of the ethnic student organizations on campus is to offer students an opportunity to form identity and enhance their social life. Our student organizations function as a vehicle of communication to the faculty and administration. They address those issues that affect students' race/culture. They help create an atmosphere of self-respect and give students of color on campus an opportunity to network and explore all of the different options that the university has to offer.

MRP seeks to support and encourage leadership development to engage students at the highest level to be the change agents the world needs them to be. No matter their particular paths in life, through student engagement in organizations, they will accumulate an understanding of leadership practices and personal reflection of opportunities.

The following are the organizations advised by the MRP staff:

Asian Student Association & Hmong Student Union, Mai Khou Xiong, 424-0788 (
Black Student Union, Byron Adams, 424-1143
Multicultural Education Coalition, Abbas Yaghmaian, 424-1604
The Sisterhood Organization, Irma M. Burgos, 424-3081

If you are interested in learning more about any of these organizations, please contact the advisor.

The MRP Connection

The MRP Program Managers serve as academic coaches to help students become more effective learners. They help students develop the habits that will allow them to succeed in particular subject areas and beyond. They believe that purposeful conversations with them lead to purposeful action, and with purposeful action students can reach their goals.

Meet the MRP Writing & Math Specialists

If you are looking for assistance in Math and Writing, please call (920) 424-3081 or the following professionals:

Meet the Director of Student Achievement Services

Irma M. Burgos, M.S. Ed.

(920) 424-3081


On behalf of the staff, thank you for taking the time to read about the programs and services offered by the Student Achievement Services in the Division of Academic Support of Inclusive Excellence. The MRP members annually plan and implement an array of programs and activities geared for helping students succeed personally, academically and professionally. We also hold events to establish cultural awareness and appreciation and help to educate people about issues that affect them on a global and everyday scale.

MRP staff members work closely with faculty, academic departments and other programs to help you succeed throughout your academic career at the UW Oshkosh. We also advise and work closely with the multicultural student organizations in developing cultural programs and activities to increase the level of understanding and appreciation for cultural diversity on campus and in the community. We provide advocacy, academic support, career/employment/ graduate school assistance, internships, leadership development, financial assistance and guidance.

Together we can help you move forward with your education and career aspirations. Don't forget, if you need assistance or just want to talk, call us at (920) 424-3081 or by email at We look forward to seeing you soon! -iburgos


If you are reading this, you are now informed about who we are, where we are and what we do. The question now is, when can we meet?
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