Parent Tips for Reading Success

Help your child learn to love reading at home

Make Reading Fun!

Read with your child and discuss topics that you read about. Use technology (books online, e-mail, texting, interactive websites) to get your child reading and responding through writing in a way that is interesting and entertaining.

Pick the right books

What makes a book right for your child?

- interesting

- most words are recognizable

- understand the content

- can retell what was read

- fulfills the purpose for reading

Practice makes perfect! Read for at least 20 minutes every day!

How to Help

- Encourage your child to sound out unknown words when reading.

- Use picture clues to help determine unknown words.

- Memorize sight words.

- Read in all locations (signs, menus, magazines, street signs, text messages, cards, notes).

- Talk about what your child is reading before reading (share what is known about the topic or make predictions), during reading (share what is happening, the characters, the setting, the problem, the solution), and after reading (share what was learned, your favorite part, compare/contrast with other stories)

- Be an example. Let your child see you reading (books, cookbooks, Internet, newspaper).