Bearcat Brief

January 23

Notes from Niki

I am getting rid of the winter design in my newsletter in hopes that the winter weather will go away! Hopefully, we can get into a groove soon and build some momentum. I am having trouble building a routine so it is no wonder our kids are. Here are some things to think about/ keep in mind for the upcoming week:

  • We plan to have the coursebook ready for the February Board Meeting. If there are changes that need to be made to elective course descriptions or you have been thinking about schedule changes, please have those conversations with Crystal and me now.
  • DESE anticipates money available for School Age Community Grants this year. These grants are used to establish after school programs which can include enrichment, tutoring, homework help, etc. A similar grant gave teachers at North Callaway an opportunity for a substantial secondary income and the ability to get administrative experience without leaving their teaching job. If you think you might be interested in pursuing this and would like to go with me to the workshop on February 6, please let me know by next Tuesday. I have to send the registration in on Wednesday. I will be at PLC Monday and Tuesday, so an email is fine.
  • I have put the PBIS data from the first semester up in the old ISS room. Please review that at your convenience.
  • I am working on our budget request for 2020-21. If there are significant needs that you foresee for your classroom, please let me know. I would like for us to be able to upgrade the furniture in our rooms or add some collaborative pieces or flexible seating if it is something you would use. If you are so inclined, please let me know what you would want. A few places you could look would be School Specialty, Hertz Furniture, Worthington Direct, and School Outfitters.

January 27 PD Day

Monday afternoon has been set aside as time for collaboration. Here are some things that can be done during that time:

  • Update standards in BYOC- particularly PE, Health, Fine Arts, Computer Science
  • Unwrap standards that have been identified as Priority Standards (I have included a picture of a template that I have used before to do this. This template is completed based on a standard "Students will be able to cite textual evidence to support analysis of what he text says explicitly as well as inferences drawn from the text."
  • Develop formative assessments for each priority standard
  • Examine Item Specifications (I have been told that the science ones are updated) from DESE and other documents that will be helpful for GLA preparation.
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Professional Reading/ Resources:

Upcoming Events


January 24- Courtwarming

January 25- Blue and White Night, 5:00 @Hermann Hill

January 25-26: Building use for 5th and 6th-grade Basketball Tournament

January 26- 28- Powerful Learning Conference @ Lake of the Ozarks

January 27- Professional Development Day for Teachers

January 27-Feb 1- Hermann Tournament (MS gym used 27-30)

Concessions: 1/27- Chasteen, 1/28- Lane, 1/29- Phil, 1/30- Jo

January 27-30- 7th Grade Boys' Basketball Tournament @ Sullivan

January 27-30- 8th Grade Boys' Basketball Tournament @ St. Clair

January 31- 7/8 Grade PLC Group A


February 3-8 School Counselor Appreciation Week

February 4- PBIS Leadership Team Meeting, 3:20 in Conference Room

February 5- End of Mid-Quarter 3

February 6- 4-6th Grade PLC's

February 7- Grades Due, 8:00 .m

February 7- 7/8 PLC Group B

February 7- No Tardy Party

February 8-9: Building use for 5th and 6th-grade Basketball Tournament

February 11- Faculty Meeting, 7:20 a.m.

February 11- Freshmen Orientation @ HHS, 6:00

February 13- Intruder Drill, 1:00 pm

February 13- Board of Education Meeting, 6:00

February 14- Valentine's Day

February 14- 7/8 PLC Group A

February 17- No School, President's Day

February 19- PLC Leadership Team Training in Jefferson City

February 20- PBIS Leadership Training in Columbia

February 20- 4-6 PLC Meetings

February 21- 7/8 PLC Group B