Jerk chicken jamaican style



Jamaica is located in the northern and western hemisphere. its latitude & longitude for its capital city is 18 15 north , 77 30 west.
The area of Jamaica is 10, 831 sq km. Some of the natural resources that they have are bauxite , gypsum , and lime stone. they also have hurricanes in the months , July and November.
Jamaica is mostly surrounded by mountains and narrow coastal plains. Of course Jamacia is very tropical , it is hot humid and it has a tmperate interior. Its largest city is KINGSTON .


There are about 2 , 930, 050 people who are living in jamacia man!
92% of those are black people, 6.1% are mixed , 0.8% are indian , other is 0.4% and unspesified are 0.7%.


Jerk chicken is a meat that can be rubbery or wet that is seasoned with a seasoning called jamacian spice.
You can eat jerk chicken ata restuant called 3-D' s Jerk Chicken , this restuarant is located on 5317 w north ave , chicago 60639 , and the cost is $5.00


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fun facts , man

We have the second largest butterfly in the world (The Giant Swallowtail).2006-2007: World Fastest man and woman- you bet, are Jamaicans [Asafa Powell and Sherone Simpson].Jamaica is the third largest island in the Caribbean.Jamaica was the first country in the Western world to construct a railway, even before the United States !
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