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News for the week of 3/27 - 4/8

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Update From School District 308 regarding COVID-19

As you know, the prevalence of Coronavirus COVID-19 is on the rise. At this time, the recommendations from IDPH include directing students and school personnel to protect themselves and others by taking every day common sense actions which include correctly washing hands, staying home when sick, and properly covering a cough. Please take a look at the links provided on the district webpage for COVID-19, as they are the official sources of information from the CDC, IDPH, ISBE, and the Kendall County Health Department.

Simple Handwashing Directions

Stop the Spread of Germs

COVID-19 District Resources Page

  • Following the statewide mandate from Governor Pritzker: all schools are closed through April, 7th, 2020.

    - Learning opportunities are shared with all students to use during the time schools are closed.

    - Food Service is being offered to all enrolled students. Pick-up is daily from 8:30-9:30am at Thompson Jr. High and Oswego East High School.

    - Many resources for food, personal care items, transportation, and more have formed in our community. We are tracking those resources and have them listed here.

    - The state has indicated that the days schools were closed due to COVID-19 concerns will NOT be made up.

    - Many things are changing at a rapid pace, please check back here often for updates. We appreciate your patience and cooperation.

    - This situation could cause anxiety in students, this resource may assist you in talking to children about COVID-19.

Principal's Message

Pirate parents,

I hope that this message finds families healthy and hunkered down in their homes. If your family is anything like mine, the little ones are getting stir crazy. I have to try and balance getting work completed at home and their online learning as well. Some days are better than others. I definitely appreciate all of the dedicated work that their teachers put into their online learning plans. Our teachers have been working throughout spring break to set up Google Classrooms and learning new technology to provide video learning opportunities through Google Hangouts. Your teachers at Plank are some of the most dedicated and hard working teachers I have ever worked with. Their resilience and perseverance through learning new ways to provide instruction is truly impressive. If you get a chance, thank your child's teachers.

With that, I have heard from teachers just how much they miss your children. We are going to have a virtual spirit week this week through our Plank Facebook Page. Teachers will be sharing pictures throughout the week to show their Plank Spirit and how much they are missing kids in the hallways and in classrooms.

Monday - Meme Myself Monday - Teachers will share a meme of themselves on the Plank Jr. High Facebook Page. Students can leave an encouraging comment or positive shout-out to their teachers.

Tuesday - Thinking of You Tuesday - Teachers will share a picture of themselves in Plank Spiritwear on the Plank Jr. High Facebook Page. Students can also share a picture of themselves in their Plank spiritwear as well. Pictures must be school appropriate.

Wednesday - Wild Hair Wednesday - In honor of April Fool's Day, teachers will take a picture donning their wackiest hairstyle on the Plank Jr. High Facebook Page. Students can also share a picture of themselves with their crazy hair. Pictures must be school appropriate.

Thursday - Throwback Thursday - Teachers will dress up like they were living in a different decade, and they will share a picture on the Plank Facebook Page. Students can also share a picture of themselves with their different decade wear. Pictures must be school appropriate.

Friday - Fancy Friday - Teachers will share a picture of themselves with their fanciest clothes on the Plank Jr. High Facebook Page. Students can also share a picture of themselves with their fancy clothes. Pictures must be school appropriate.

Don't forget, use the hashtag #PiratesPersevere!

Above the principal's message, there is information to families about our closure, answers to some of the questions you may have, and links to different resources that area available through SD 308, as well as for e-learning opportunities. Teachers will be updating their Google Classroom for e-learning opportunities for students. Look for those updates, and keep your child engaged in learning while they are at home during this time.

Throughout the next week, teachers and administration will be checking emails regularly. If you have questions, please reach out so that we can answer them for you! We will persevere through this together. I thank you for your patience and understanding through this situation. Please check the district website often with new updates, since information about this is changing regularly.

The staff at Plank Junior High is committed to serving the students and parents of the surrounding community. We want to provide multiple opportunities for students to showcase their talents, and grow as young adults through academics and social emotional learning. Our focus is to prepare our students to be ready for college and future careers. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me and we can work together to find solutions. I can be reached at 630-551-9400 and thaymond@sd308.org. We look forward to collaborating with you and your student throughout the year.

Always in partnership,

Tyler Haymond


Plank Junior High School

E-learning Opportunities for Plank Students

I have heard from some families about online learning. There are opinions everywhere from educators and non-educators about e-learning during this time. What ever your own personal take on e-learning is, the most important thing during these times are to stay healthy. This includes exercising the brain through learning activities. I know that I have supplemented different activities at home (reading, science experiments, practical math application through cooking, etc.). I highly encourage parents to do the same. We do not expect parents to suddenly be the experts at education overnight. It is okay to take breaks from learning, especially if there is frustration. In fact, this is a great opportunity to have your child teach what they are learning to you (even if you already know what it is they are teaching). One of the best ways to learn about a topic is to prepare and teach it.

I appreciate the patience, feedback, and understanding that families have shown regarding these unique circumstances. We will work to keep families updated on any new developments regarding our school closure and opportunities for e-learning. This situation is still very new to all of us, and we are learning along with parents on how to learn from a distance.

I want to make sure you are aware that administration is available to answer your educational questions, particularly about our communication about e-learning. Teachers have been working hard throughout Spring Break, and will update Google Classrooms with new e-learning opportunities. Assignments being shared by teachers are intended to review existing information and extend learning opportunities for students. These e-learning assignments will not be graded or added into Tyler SIS gradebook.

If you have any questions, please contact me directly and I will try and respond quickly. Since information is changing rapidly, check the district website for any new updates regarding these school closures.

Thank you for your support!

Tyler Haymond


Free or Reduced Cost Internet Access

Looking for options to "stay connected"? Here is are some free or reduced-cost internet programs.

Check out the services here.

Plank Daily Announcements

Follow this link to view the Plank Daily Announcements. The announcements are updated every day and shown to all students in homeroom.

Parent Portal in Tyler SIS

Our new student information system is Tyler SIS. This is taking the place of eSchool. Log into the link below if you are looking for updated grades, information, attendance, and the features of the former e School Home Access. Watch for updates on how parents can use the Portal on our website and in upcoming newsletters.

Tyler Parent Portal