Cyber Bullying

Be Careful

  • Anything that is posted online stays online forever, no matter what.
  • Pictures, insults, or threats are all kept into a file that can never be deleted from the internet.
  • Although it might seem fun to you at the time, it is not to those you are doing it to.
  • Most of the time it isn't just one person making fun of another. It's usually groups making fun of someone and a smaller group standing up for the victim, or the person being made fun of.
  • Cyber Bullying can effect in the, police, a teacher, even parents being involved in the problem.
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How to stop a cyberbully

  • Usually, ignoring a bully will make them stop, because they want a reaction; or for you to say something back to show them you're getting mad.
  • Standing up for the person being made fun of is also a huge thing as well. The more people stand up for each other, there will be less bullying.
  • Telling an adult is always the best thing to do if the bully doesn't stop.
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