Épica epopeya República Dominicana!

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"Hola y bienvenidos a la República Dominicana."

Is well known for it's baseball players and beautiful vacation spots, this is the Dominican Republic.

<-------Bandera de la República Dominicana.

Political And Economies

The Dominican Republic has a democratic government system, so the president is democratically voted in to be president, also surrounded by his other forces of government the Executive branch,Legislative branch, and the Judicial branch, the president Dalino Medina makes many decisions to better and build up the Dominican Republic.

Economy has improved over the past few years by improving trade freedom, with a tariff rate of 6.1% and a trade freedom rate of 77.8, so there does seem to be a few trade barriers. The DR's economic system is a free-market, so it gives much economic freedom, and it also gives entrepreneurs and investors a good chance to sell and buy, though it is hard to make businesses because there are 7 stages to go through, one of them is being literate, infact the literacy rate is 87.0. The poverty rate is 20% and the standard of living other than that 20% living is a pretty high standard of living.


-The official language is Spanish

-16% white, 11% black, and 73% mestizo

-95% Roman Catholic

-Spanish is also called "Dominicanese"

-The national sport is baseball

-Native Taino influence jewelry and other things, still has an influence on culture today

- The largest and most known pastime in the DR is baseball

-Another pastime in the region is carnivals, and festivals

Resources and Enviromental Issues

Mineral Resources: Nickel, bauxite, gold, silver.

Deforestation, sea level is rising, coral is being torn away, tourism is being affected, coral reefs are dieing, and tourism is being affected. But luckily there is 26% of the Dominican Republic that are protected areas to protect other precious materials and resources such as fauna, flora and other parts of the DR's biodiversity , they have also have a planned goal to plant 70 million trees, and they've started using more renewable energy sources such as solar energy, wind energy, and a few others.


-Makes up 2/3 of eastern Hispanolia, and Haiti makes the western third

-Geographic Coordinates are 19 00N, 70 40W


-Tropical Maritime climate

-Avg Temps vary by altitude and location

-Lowest Avg Temps:85 degrees high, 74 degrees low in Punta Cana.

-Highest Avg Temps:89 degrees high,71 degrees low in Montecristi.

-Lowest Avg Rainfall:26.5 inches in Montecristi.

-Highest Avg Rainfall:61.6 in Puerto Plata.

Climate causes many things in the DR such as death of coral reefs, downing of tourism, and the rising of the sea level.

República Dominicana partido de béisbol de vídeo

Es de béisbol en la República Dominicana! Esto es increíble!

Otro juego de béisbol en RD!

Otro juego de béisbol fresco en la República Dominicana!

Merengue (música de ritmo rápido)

Es muy sencillo, música de ritmo rápido

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