Say NO!!!!!!

Drugs Can Hurt You!

Today I am going to talk about drugs and alcohol let's start with drugs. Drugs can hurt you they are really addictive and cause memory loss.Drugs can make you have a different face such as sunken in and chin out. If you don't do drugs you won't have to go to the doctor often.Steps to not do them are no bad drinks like alcohol and no caffeine. Rest a lot and take naps. Eat really healthy!!! You should just forget about them.And never do drugs AGAIN!! Now let's talk about Making Choices and who should make them.

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Making Choices

Let's talk about choices. I am going to tell u who should make them and why they make them. If you go to a party instead of your soccer game the team will not have enough players and they will be mad. If you go to your basketball game then a party then your team will be happy and it will be making better choices. If people make your choices it is bad because it can effect stuff.So make your own choices and say no to people making your choices.Parents can make your choices or your gardian or grandma or papa or aunt&uncle. That's the only people who should make choices for you. Because other people can make the bad choices for you and your parent or guardian will make the right choice. about choice

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Drugs can change your mind. Alcohol can get you drunk if you drink a lot. They both cause memory loss and they can make you have hospital visits. If you do drugs u can go to jail. Alcohol is intoxicating. There is no limit of when to stop doing drugs and alcohol. Drugs and alcohol are harmful.Drugs and alcohol can hurt your brain and your body. Drugs and alcohol will make you addicted to them if you do a lot of them or if you only do just a little bit cause drugs and alcohol are really addictive and they can hurt you.Drugs and alcohol can make u have really bad stinky breath!!!! Drugs can make your teeth GROSS.


Addictive- Compulsively or physiologically dependent on something habit- forming.

Healthy-Conductive to good health.
Alcohol-A colorless, volatile, flammable liquid synthesized or obtained by fermentation of sugars and starches and widely used, either pure or denatured, as a solvent and in drugs. Also called ethanol, ethyl alcohol.

Hurt-is feeling physical pain, or to cause someone or something to experience physical pain or to cause harm.

Choices-Choice involves mentally making a decision: judging the merits of multiple options and selecting one or more of them. One can make a choice between imagined options or between real options followed by the corresponding action.

Drugs-a medicine or other substance which has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body.

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