Granny Mobile

Drake Hunter

It was the night before Christmas. It started off as a normal Christmas Eve, me and my Dad drove to my Aunt and Uncles in Fort Worth, Texas. After a hour long drive we finally made it to the house. We gave greet, then went inside to talk. As the parents were talking me and my cousin went outside to play basketball.

I asked him, "Does that old people scooter work?" He immediately responds, "Yeah do you wanna see her run?" "Of course?" I yelled. As he pulls the scooter out of the garage. For a little scooter it could go pretty fast i thought. Meanwhile the parents are talking about well I don't know, but they weren't concerned about us.

In his neighborhood there's a pond with sidewalk around it, so we rode the granny mobile around the pond together. All I heard was lets make things interesting. So he drove on top of the mini dam. I yelled "Your so crazy!" As we plunge into the pond. My first movement was to jump straight out of the dirty pond. Braden was still in the water by the time I escaped from the pond. Not long after he jumped right out saying, "That's is so cold!"

We than get the scooter out, which took about ten to twenty minutes. As we roll the the pond around the pond, we finally make it to the house. As I roll the scooter in the garage. We walk in to the house, are cloths were soaked. And the parents faces were soaked in disappointment.

Granny Mobile

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